's 2014 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Sorbus

I've been driving on the I-80 for longer than I can remember.

When I look to my north, corn. When I look to my south, more corn. Maybe a dilapidated barn on occasion. Cars pass by but I don't think they're real; they don't seem to react to what's around them and I've seen a few pass clean through me. My odometer, which typically reads 6 digits, has rolled over more than once. My gas tank, according to the dashboard, is hovering perpetually right under ¾ full. I haven't seen a gas station for months, although I'm not even really sure what month it is. My phone says it's 4:21 PM on May 4th, 2012 but my phone always says that. The sun doesn't set until I pull over to the shoulder of the road and get some sleep. Seasons never change either. It's always summer, it's always hot, and the air conditioning's never cool enough. Sometimes it breaks, but then the next day it'll be working like, well, not exactly like new cause this car's over 15 years old, but at least it'll be working. Every once in a while I've tried pulling over, calling Triple A, but my phone doesn't work. Not a single bar of reception anywhere on this road. No exits anywhere either; I see signs for them but the turnoffs just aren't there. The signs don't make any sense either; I'm not too good with geography but I'm pretty sure the I-80 doesn't go all the way up to Anchorage. I've tried a few times in desperation to drive off the road, but it's like there's an invisible barrier keeping me on.

Last thing I can remember before this all started was my tire blew out. I got stuck between two trucks trying to pull over, and I don't really remember what happened next. I remember someone pulling over to help, and then sirens, and a twisted burning metal shape.