's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Decoy "

Submitted by Jacobguy

did you know some animals make things to throw predators off?
like octopi and squids will squirt ink full of mucus so that it looks like an octopus
or squid and the predator goes after that instead. I think there may be a type of spider
that makes a ball of silk in an extra web so birds go after that instead.
i bring this up because of a discovery I made. I moved into a new apartment recently
it seemed pretty average, One bedroom one bathroom, couch, TV, the works.
but something seemed off. food kept disappearing from my cabinents and I kept finding
strange things like some sort of stain on the carpet or the electric sulfur smell that
I couldn't get rid of. it went on like this until I saw it. something small, no bigger than
about five inches i think. lookes like tow or three snakes slipping around the corner
I followed it but whatever it was disappeared in a hole in the wall. thats new.
i waited for it, tried to lure it out with food. nothing worked. it was the night
i gave up that it showed itself again. it looked like a little black squid pulling
itself around on its arms. I grabbed it, not thinking and it exploded, or at least burst.
whatever was all over me must have been some sort of ink because I saw the thing scuttle
back to its hole.
I think I made it mad.
I say this because the black figure in my bed looks just like me.