's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Frigid bobby "

Submitted by Jacobguy

It was an unsusally cold day, it was snowing in arizona during july after all. everyone was freaking out, no-one knew why it was so cold, but I did.

it was a normal day, as normal as it could get, when the air got quite chilly. the wind started blowing harshly in my eyes until I couldn't see.

I tried as hard as I could to open my eyes, but something kept blowing into them and stinging. It took some time before I realized it was snow.

When I could get my eyes open for more than 5 seconds I noticed I was lost in some sort of tundra. It felt lit I was walking through a blizzard in summer clothes

and all I could see was a flat, white horizon. I kept walking, hoping to find my way, when I though I saw someone walking. I called to them, and they turned to me

they started coming my way and when they got closer, I realized that whatever this thing was, it wasn't human. It was definitely shaped like an extremely thin person

' with a perfectly spherical head. its body was either covered or just was ice, but it moved like flesh. it came closer reaching its arms out as if to hug me


"s-so very.. c-c-cold..."

this creature was right before me, and felt like the pure opposite of warmth, the living embodiement of heat-death. it would have wrapped itself around me had we not heard a sound

it sounded like a fire truck in the distance. whatever it was, it seemed to know what a firetruck siren meant and followed the noise and left me alone. after a while

when I was sure it was gone, I started walking again and soon I found my way back home. I had to go to the hospital for severe frostbite, but I'm alive.

now I watch the news and see the strange weather, I know whats happening, and you know what?

I hope he finds warmth