's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" The Hallow Journals part 1 "

Submitted by Pumpkinheadeddoll

The following are excerpts from the research journals of a team sent by a unknown government body they have never been released publicly and all traces of information to the location of the “dark gate” to the place here forth referred to as “the hallow” have been destroyed or lost.

Journal of Dr André Micoule

…Their Head bulbous and orange shaped like traditional Halloween “Jack o’ lanterns”, some sort of liquid inside seems to be providing low light, akin to that of a small flickering candle the fluid burns on contact with skin and does not wash off easily if not properly treated will burn down to bone.

The body of the creatures is not easily described, the fur on the body is thick and dark to the point of absorbing nearly all light, this effect makes it seem as though the bodies are made of pure shadow the beast organs are seemingly comprised of clusters of seeds arranged in different configurations connected via thin sticky fibrous membranes similar in consistency and smell to those of what are colloquially known as “pumpkin guts” these being the fine strings that exist within pumpkins (Cucurbita pepo) at this point it is not known how these creatures are able to move around, communicate or archive the levels of sentience they have previously shown the genesis of this species itself is an enigma I may never solve in my lifetime.

The creatures while we have been here have been cooperative with our research, even enthusiastic about it at times it seems they know just as much about themselves as we do. The creatures did enlighten us to a few things we did not yet know, the liquid contained in their heads (which they call Ichor) is the source of the different coloured flames that they seem to use to convey different emotions, as while being able to talk and being seemingly fluent in English they lack any sort of musculature in their faces. They have informed us that they are born with blank heads and the “faces” on the fronts of their heads are carved for them by their parents and serve as their equivalent of names as they seem to know each other by face alone but they have readily adopted names given by the researchers (for example autopsy subject no.1 was nicknamed “Jack” by Dr DeLuca) one of the more confusing moments early on in the investigation was creatures crowding around us and asking to feel our faces and praising the “unique” and “detailed” work that our parents had put into us.

Journal of Marie DeLuca

I asked Jack if his people ate and if they did how he agreed to show me as long as I promised to “not get too spooked ;D” the addition of the emoticon was not me being unprofessional the creatures have a tendency to pronounce them audibly, they just make a noise and the image of said emoticon comes to mind its quite an interesting ability that we have yet to be able to replicate.

Jack found one of the small hairless rat-like creatures that are common in the hallow and asked me to watch closely he held the creature in his had tight enough so that it couldn’t escape but not tight enough to hurt it and proceeded to tilt his head forward and suddenly and explosively spray ichor onto the creature which started squeal briefly before giving into shock, after a moment or two of dissolving when finally left with just the bones of the creature he placed them inside his head where they floated in the ichor with a soft hissing sound, I could see though the openings in his face that the bones slowly dissolved into what seemed to be small crystals he then quickly spat these out and said “the skree has returned to the sugar :D”.

There seems to be a prominent faith of sorts within the creatures, their deity it seems to be a uncarved one of them (we needs to think of a name for these guys calling them creatures is just getting confusing) holding what looks to be a blade constructed from the same crystals they produce in the ichor, according to Jack there are historical stories in their culture of one of their kind that was born without parents and was never carved but went on to become a great hero and went on several storied adventures and that while the crystals seem to be a confusing mix of food and currency they must also pay tithe at statues of the hero so that (they believe) they may peacefully “return to the sugar” and “be one with the uncarved one” someday, their culture fascinates me more and more each day.