's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Haunted House "

Submitted by Kiernan Lockhart

They say the house up on the hill is haunted.

Yeahhh, no. Itís just an empty house. I should know.

Two very nice ladies used to live there, but they moved. Thatís it. The entire story of that house. My definition of a haunted house is a house where a person died in a house and haunts it for a profession. But those two nice ladies? They never died in that house. So, no. Not a haunted house.

One of my friends, Jimmy, he dared me and Lucas to go inside the ďhaunted houseĒ. When we opened the door, Jimmy (in a store-bought zombie costume) tried to jump-scare us. No luck. Of course, ghosts arenít scared easily.