's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Humming Walls "

Submitted by Athena

I heard it first when I was 11; a dull humming, fingers gliding on walls. I was alone a lot as a kid, sick and barely attending school, but the noise was always there. It was like I had finally made a friend. It didn't take long for me to get used to the sound. It was only ever inside my house; I felt more awkward going outside and being away from it, I'm sure it contributed to my poor attendance. I couldn't even sleep without it.

It started to get louder when everyone else was asleep. At first I thought I was just hallucinating the loudness, then I realized that it had always focused on me. During the day when other people were around it dulled, but it still followed me. I thought it just didn't understand that I needed rest sometimes.

I was sick less, my school attendance got better; the noises were progressively louder every night. I stopped being able to sleep. There was constant scraping on the walls now, it was angry at me. I had abandoned my only friend.

I tried to ignore it, I'm sure that just made everything worse. Things might've been better if I had just stopped being afraid, just tried to spend more time with it, tried to salvage our friendship. I wasn't a very good friend, but it had always been there for me. It waited for me to get home from school, it made sure I slept, it even comforted me when I was sick. I did nothing for it. Maybe it was just upset.

I ignored it more, but the noises became unbearable for weeks. I don't think I ever slept. Suddenly it stopped, just for a split second. I could barely remember what silence was like before it began banging on my door as if it was begging to be let out. I opened the door; footsteps and scraping flew across the house, I followed as fast as I could.

The attic door was open. I could hear running up the steps, then violent scratching in the attic. I was terrified. I put all my effort into making my way up those stairs, trying hard to ignore the slaughter that would await me.

There was nothing. No scraping, no footsteps, not even an open window to allow it escape.