's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Owen Scott Doctoral Thesis Abridged Interview Number 42 "

Submitted by Brian Shadensack

Thesis Summary: I believe that in treating the homeless population problem purely on a clinical level we have dehumanized the homeless population. Outside of the Psychologist or the Social Workers office I believe that I can show that the we need to treat the homeless population as people, not a statistic, will will lead to helping the homeless population in a more caring and natural way.

For time and location of interview please see appendix A.

Transcript of Interview Number 42

Interviewer: Owen Scott

Interviewee: John Doe (Note: When asked for his name interviewee responded with: "The outlook knifes a citizen around the touched temper.")

Other than obvious mental disease Subject appears to be a rather healthy individual for his situation. Subject appears to be slightly overweight, with poor skin, and discolored and missing teeth. Subject was found when he noticed Interviewer giving another interview and wandered over.

Note on the editing of this transcript: For clarity purposes this transcript has been abridged compared to the original audio log, * marks sections that have been shortened, for an unedited transcript please see Interview Number 42 in Section S5.

-Begin Transcript-

Scott: Since you refuse to give me a name I'm going to have to refer to you as "John Doe", is that alright?

Doe: Will the blackboard squash the intensive apparatus?

Scott: Uh, alright. How long have you been homeless?

Doe: The article glances a librarian behind the any extremist.

Scott: What?

Doe: Around the convict trips the difficult heterosexual.

Scott: Does your family know you're homeless?

Doe: An organ prints the flooding handicap after the copper.

Scott: Do you have a family?

Doe: Should a nearby battle die beside the flesh?


Scott: do you deal with being homeless?

Doe: Why does the downhill suicide orbit?

Note: Interviewer is obviously exasperated as nonsense answers from interviewee.

Scott: When did you’re trouble begin?

Doe: We ate a child.

Scott: Excuse me?

Doe: We ate a child. She was eight, I don't know why but I know that.

Scott: What?

Doe: We were all there, Beau, Me, Joe, Roberts. I think there was at least one guy who saw us, but I wouldn't know their names. And we ate a girl...

Scott: Uhhh...please continue.

Doe: I would be if you weren't so apt to interrupt. Anyways, we ate this girl. Like Sean...oh I forgot that Sean was there, you think that would be important right? Like he was the one who butchered her. I never trusted him. You know he didn't cast a shadow? Always hanging around Beau. You know Beau used to be my girl. What a jerk, right? I really hated that guy...

Scott: Uh, not to be rude, but could you back to the fact that you ate an eight year old girl? Like why did you do it?

Doe: Sorry, sorry. Whenever I think of Sean my heart just fills with hate. Anyways, we ate the girl because we were starving to death. Sean brought her. Hunger makes you do dark things. The weirdest part was the fact that, and I'm sorry but I don't remember who said what, is how people were reacting. Like there was disgust and confusion. But it wasn't oh god were cannibals, like someone was complaining about eating a tumor, another was confused because they kept mentioning "What food, there's nothing here.", and one was complaining about how she couldn't eat a dog. Which is funny, cause this was the ugliest little girl I've ever seen, I guess that could have been a cruel comment in a cruel situation...

Scott: Why didn't you go to the police?

Doe: Well as you said, when did it all start, this is when. Like I could taste when a word was mispronounced, could smell when a color was used poorly. And so this of course, made me seem a bit mad. Someone with the disease goes into a police station...

Scott: The disease?

Doe: Homelessness, and please stop interrupting. Anyways, someone with the disease goes into a police station, admits to cannibalism. They locked me up for a bit of time, but they found no evidence, no person missing, neither. So they have nothing on me, so they let me go. And I see Sean, and he's standing behind Beau. But she's down on her hands and feet talking about how Sean was stabbed, and he's like right behind her, perfectly fine. And that's the last regular thing I saw. I pass out, wake up how I am now. Smell what you see, hear what you taste, taste what you hear, feel what you smell, and see what you feel. At least I think that's how it is, in all honesty I'm so far removed now I can't tell you if thats correct.

Scott: What?

Doe: Perception Layer.

Note: At this point Interviewee reaches out and grabs Interviewer by the hand, upon skin on skin contact Interviewer’s eyes roll back into his head.

Camera operator: Shit! You ok Scott?

Scott: The solar porter discovers the plant underneath the oppressed entrance.

Camera operator: Fuck! I hope this works.

Note: Camera operator tears his shirt, reaches over and removes Interviewee’s hand from Interviewer’s hand, whereupon Interviewer’s eyes return to normal.

Camera Operator: Scott you alright?

Note: Interviewer is visibly crying.

Scott: The interviews over.

Camera operator: What?

Scott: This interviews fucking over, cut the tape.

Note: Interviewer reachers for Camera, camera cuts.

-End Transcript-