's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Invisible Darkness "

Submitted by Charles Williams

They or It is always there and seeks to birth something through tiny fissures in the material we call reality. There is something that surrounds us. Undetectable, lacking color, smell, or a defined idea of what it is. An omnipresent mild discomfort. A leaning pressure against the unseen air. Even these written words struggle to hold it. To help your conception of this thing, this ever present discomforting and elusive thing, I would have you choose a color. Choose any color you wish. Red, Yellow, Blueˇ¦pick your favorite. I will wait as you choose.

Now that you have your color, extinguish all roaming thoughts from your mind. See this color as purely and intensely as you can. Look deep into it with your mind's eye. Notice any deviation or deformity limiting your concentration on this color. It starts gently. You will begin to see subtle pressures. Although all other colors loom outside your concentration, look deeper. Do you see the strange undulations forming behind the skene of your chosen color? Do you see it awakening and sliding behind your color like it's a wet sheet, casting shadows and darkening your concentration? It is looking at you. Say your color out loud no matter where you are! Whisper it if you must. It's the word that is powerful, not the volume.

In this section, you must write to help us complete the strange end of this story. You are now the color you brought here. Your skin is this color. The place surrounding you is this color. Everything is this color.

I am ________________.

I am in a ________________ place.

Do not be distracted! This color is finally a real thing; a reflective surface to stare into. It is something to hold and help define the lumbering weight on the other side.

Can you touch it now? Just imagine the heavy smell.

And finally, imagine this color and the things behind it fading away. Clear you mind of everything mentioned before. Gaze upon your new world. Look through the myriad colors surrounding you. You have found an invisible darkness.