's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Mother of Them All "

Submitted by Timthefirelord


9/x/19xx To Mr.xxxxxxx xxxxxx and whomever it may concern,

I am not exactly sure as to how I should tell you this, but I recently heard that you were the head of some sort of group that studies anomalous occurrences. I'm not sure if what I experienced is truly anomalous, but I would greatly appreciate feedback and a possible investigation in this matter. I have a friend who is a bit of a conspiracy freak and he believes in something called the Foundation, and after I told him what happened last week he suggested that I contact you. So here I am, sending a message to someone that I am not sure exists who may or may not be in an international group that I am not supposed to know about. But it might help me to write about what happened, even if no-one is out there.

Roughly a week ago I experienced something that I had no explanation for when I fell asleep. The experience may just be a normal dream and I could simply be paranoid because my friend is so panicky, but I think something is genuinely wrong here. When I fell asleep I initially experienced a nightmare I had already had in my childhood years, described here.

However, the dream became lucid as soon as I saw the frog being jump out of behind the pillar, and I could control my actions. So instead of searching for the frog I simply walked back out of the room and down the hall again. As I did this, I glanced behind myself to see if the frog had noticed that I had left had. It was standing in the doorway with the closest thing to a look of surprise that it could portray without a true face, and it was gibbering madly with a voice that sounded like crickets eating. It said nothing coherent, it simply made noises and kept glancing behind it as if in panic. This didn't scare me it simply made me uncomfortable and...I kind of felt bad for it.

What happened next could only be described as the dream itself breaking. Everything except the frog and I writhed and dissipated until we were suspended in void, simply looking at each other. After a few moments of nothing, a loud slurping noise was heard and we both found ourselves in Her chamber. The place was the size of an aircraft hangar and the walls were almost entirely coated with chunky bile and excrement. There were four pillars on opposite sides of the room from each other which were made of...rotting plant matter? I don't know for sure but it looked and smelled like someone had taken a huge mass of kelp, threw up on it, and then used it to support a building. On the floor were what initially looked like tadpoles, but upon further inspection they were, first of all, a foot long, and second of all, they had lips and teeth. Human lips and teeth. It honestly makes me want to throw up. There were dozens of them flopping pathetically on the floor as if they had just hatched and realized they couldn't breathe on land. Then I noticed Her. Their Queen and the mother of them all. Her Royal Majesty the Queen of the Nightmare Frogs. And god was she beautiful.

She was attempting to clamber up the back of Her throne with her pathetic, rubbery legs, leaving only her leering head visible over the top of it. The throne was made of the same material as Her pillars and stank just as badly, but also had a smell of viscera and piss mixed in. It smelled just like Her self, and I came to know it as the single most revolting miasma I have ever had the pleasure of inhaling. After a failed attempt to climb up onto her perch (resulting in a squelch and a splash of phlegm on the wall), She rose into the air by some unknown force. Nothing was touching her, but She was positioned as if She were being held up by a rope in her midsection. As she floated upwards to the apex of her ghastly throne, Her body was revealed in all of it's glory.

She was roughly 8 feet tall and 22 or so feet wide, and looked like a giant cane toad if you fed it excessively for years, and then killed it with laughing gas. She even had the same smile. And oh it was horrid. She had the teeth of a 90 year old heroin addict and Her mouth was filled with the same travesty tadpoles as were dying on the floor. Her eyes could no longer be described as eyes, they were better categorized as cataracts that could miraculously see. And atop Her head hovered a cartoonishly simple, silver crown. It bore no gems or adornments, but spun silently in sharp contrast of her gruesome visage. Her body was the color of a Surinam toad with psoriasis and had the texture of a posthumous black death victim. But the worst part was how swollen She was. At some points Her skin was stretched enough for it to be transparent, revealing a green liquid with the tadpoles swimming in it. This fact did not affect me until after the fact, but upon reflection it is probably Her worst feature. I don't know if my description can ever truly do her justice, but it really screwed me up.

Once She was comfortable in Her rotting seat, She noticed my companion and I and spoke. Her voice was astonishing. She sounded like a normal woman. Completely average, but almost mockingly sweet. SO spoke with over-annunciation, and with every syllable tadpoles would be spat out of her mouth by the smacking of her lips. "Did you have a problem?", she cooed as she stared blankly at the nightmare frog. It responded with the same unintelligible voice it had used when trying to talk to me before, and motioned wildly with it's four arms. When it had finished "speaking" the Queen floated slowly towards it with her limbs hanging uselessly from her body. It cowered and was visibly terrified, but did not move from it's spot. When she was directly over it, a tongue snaked out from a sphincter-like hole in the bottom of her distended stomach and pulled in the hapless nightmare being as she said "I've had a bad day, I really don't want to have to deal with anything else."

She then turned to face me and floated over to deal with me as she had dealt with my companion, mumbling all the while about how her brood was a failure and that she would need to try again later. I ran behind one of the pillars to escape my fate and she didn't even seem to notice. Her tongue snaked out and retracted just as it had before, and she retreated back to her throne. I was relieved until I noticed the odd assortment of object lined up next to the wall in front of me. There was what looked like an air conditioner and a grainy old television set which was advertising something called The Red Frog. The air conditioner began to growl and a red, fleshy limb extended from the TV when I noticed a ten-faced jester/frog abomination had been hobbling towards me while my back was turned. As soon as I turned around it's faces smiled in unison and lunged forwards to touch me.

The instant that I felt it's hand groping at my back, I flashed through hundreds of different locations, cycling through them all in milliseconds. I caught glimpses of nightmare-scapes and abandoned houses, flesh towers and abysmal trenches under a dead sky before I flashed awake in panic. Please help me if you are really there, because I don't feel good about this, this dream messed me up more than anything. I have a deathly fear of falling asleep and I have been starving myself and throwing up everything I eat and I need to know if something is wrong with me or if something else did this to me on purpose. My friend says you deal with strange things that aren't supposed to happen, and I feel like the original nightmare was not supposed to dissipear, I feel like I messed up the dream b not staying in the room and that the four armed frog paid form y actions. I feel like all of the frogs worked for th Queen and that they they make nightmares for her and i feel like she doesn't have organs. I feel like I dont hav e organs. I think im a murderer because I made the four-armed frog die, but i'm not sure if it's real

Document was discovered by subjects landlord 23 days after this text was written on 10/x/19xx. Body found was in advanced states of decay and appears to have died of starvation. No known relatives could be contacted to claim possessions of the deceased and cadaver has been relocated to the xxxxxxxxx Morgue for autopsy. Subject name was xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and was 24 years of age at death. Time of death is estimated to be 10:54 pm. Analysis suggests that subject was experiencing an anxiety attack as he attempted to complete the document, resulting in spelling and grammar mistakes in stark contrast of the document and subject's formality is speech and word articulation. Medical records state that subject was diabetic and had moderate asthma but no apparent mental disabilities.