's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" My Aunt's New House "

Submitted by Stickydot

Friday, as soon as school ended, Mom took me with her to visit my Aunt Amy. She had bought a new house, we had heard it was beautiful but we couldn't visit before because it was so far away, and I had homework. But Friday, I didn't have homework, so we got in the car and Mom drove for hours until we reached the place. When we got there, the sun was starting to go down.

It really is beautiful, like something out of a movie. It's huge, with like two or three stories and is made of wood. We were amazed when we drove up, we thought Amy was lying when she said she got a house that big, but she wasn't. We went and knocked on the door, and we could hear Amy yell for us to just come on in, that the door was unlocked.

The dining room was right in the front, the first place you see when you go in there. They had a table longer than my bedroom is wide, and it was covered in food. Aunt Amy and my cousins, Ricky and Julian, were there, along with someone I had never seen before. He was tall and had black hair with two gray streaks in it and wore a fancy suit. He waved for us to sit down at the table, and we did.

"What are you eating?" I asked them, they all had some meat on their plate, but I didn't know what kind.

"It's rabbit, child." The man said, and I felt grossed out. I don't see how anyone can eat a cute bunny. They said we could have some, but we had gotten hot dogs at a gas station on the way there and were still full.

Aunt Amy told us the man was a neighbor, and his name was Albert Flanagan. I asked him if he was related to that our substitute math teacher, and he laughed. He said there were lots of Flanagans out there, and went back to cutting up the meat on his plate. He had the head, and didn't seem to mind eating it. The skin had been mostly removed, but I could still see the ears attached, and it wasn't a rabbit. It looked like a baby head, with the size of it. I didn't say anything, but I asked where the bathroom was. Mr. Flanagan said there was one on the first floor, but it was being fixed, so I would have to go to the second floor one, which was three doors left from the stairs. I hurried upstairs and went to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I sat for what seemed like hours, trying to figure out what to say to Mom. I couldn't tell her that they were eating a baby, she would think I was crazy if she didn't see it herself, but I couldn't grab it from Mr. Flanagans plate, because he could stab me with a knife, I didn't know what kind of person he was. I felt like throwing up, but I didn't. After thinking it over, I figured the best solution would be to wait in the car. I couldn't go through the front door, because I would have to walk through the dining room and Mom would fuss at me for leaving early. So I was gonna climb out the bathroom window. I looked out to see how far we were from the ground, and there was a hedge maze outside. Aunt Amy hadn't told us about that.

Even weirder was my Uncle Freddie, running through the maze like something was after him. I decided not to climb out through the window, and left the bathroom to find another way out. Standing outside the bathroom was Mr. Flanagan. He told me I needed to come with him and grabbed my shoulder, but I pulled myself away and ran down the hall. I opened the first door I came to, ran into the room, and locked it.

When I turned around, I saw I wasn't alone in the room. There was a very small man there, smaller even than me, and he was moving a bunch of square panels on the wall, taking one down and replacing it with a different one. They all had different patterns on them that I couldn't recognize, and the man didn't seem to notice me, he just kept moving panels around. I stood there and watched him until I heard someone hitting the door really hard, like they were kicking it. The tiny man turned to me and pointed behind me. There was a door in the floor, and I opened it and climbed down into another room.

My cousins were in here, only they were different. Ricky's mouth was hanging open, like a piece of taffy, it stretched really far to the ground, and his arms sort of melted at the ends into large flipper shapes. Julian was flopping around on the ground like a fish, and his head was so big but his body was smaller than my hand and curled up. I didn't know what to do, but I knew I had to find Mom and get out of the place.

I left my cousins and started searching the house. The walls of the place looked like melting butter, and I didn't want to touch them. I couldn't call out for Mom, because I didn't want Mr. Flanagan to find me. I ran into my aunt in the hallway, and she was so stretched out that she touched the ceiling. She was completely blocking my way with her whole body, her arms were longer than the rest of her and thin like sticks, she tried to grab me, but I ran into another room. I could see out the window that Uncle Freddie was still in the maze, running. Suddenly, he fell over, like he had been shot, but I didn't hear any gun go off. I started to cry at that point, I wasn't sure what to do. I looked around the room I was in, and saw a very tall spiral staircase, it looked like it went up farther than the house was tall, but I started to climb it anyways. I climbed for almost a half hour, before reaching a balcony. I wasn't in the house anymore, though I didn't leave the room I had been in, I was across from it.

I stood on the balcony, not sure what to do, when I saw Mr. Flanagan, my aunt, and my cousins climb up to the balcony of my aunts house. Uncle Freddie was there too, his back was curved exactly like an 'S' shape, and eyes were so tiny I couldn't see them. The balcony there didn't have any railing or beams under it, and looked like it was just the floor jutting out twenty feet from the wall. The balconies were almost touching, but no one tried to climb over to get me. Mr. Flanagan called out to me.

"Come over here, you have to join us. It's not safe for you to be over there, you could get hurt." He said, but he didn't sound worried about me at all, and he had a smile on his face and his hands in his pockets.

I shouted back at him. "No! Me and Mom are leaving! We never want to see any of you again!"

Mr. Flanagan laughed and told me that they had my mom. She was in the attic, waiting for me, and they would take me to her if I would just climb over to the side they were on. I didn't know what else to do, the house seemed so strange and I was sure I wouldn't ever find my mom if I didn't listen to them. I asked if she was safe, and they said she was, so I climbed over to where they were.

Mr. Flanagan put a hand on my shoulder as he led me through the house. The walls were normal and wallpapered with a flowery design. We walked up the stairs to the attic, and Mr. Flanagan held the door for me to go in. It was dark, and I couldn't see anything until he turned on the light. My mommy was on the ground, her head was right at my feet, and her neck stretched all the way back to her body in the corner. She lifted an arm and waved at me. I started to sob, and Mr. Flanagan gave me a hug, holding me tightly. He told me there was nothing I or anyone else could do, and that I had to just accept that we couldn't leave the house ever. I nodded, and felt my skin start to wobble and turn. I could feel my legs shrinking, and my body melting until it looked like a shar-pei. When I was done, I barely looked human. But my hands were fine, and that's why I'm writing this to you, Billy. I need you to tell Mrs. Hartman that I won't be going to school next week and I need you to bring me my homework.