's 2014 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by infernalthing

It all started with some abdominal pain. The frequency of these symptoms got me worried that I went to the hospital to see what it was.

The doctor told me I've got infected with intestinal worms. And he told me that these worms in particular are highly dangerous and I should get operated.

He did the removal operation and offered some pills he said I should take to prevent future infection. Despite taking the pills, a few weeks later I felt the same symptoms.

I had to return to the doctor to get operated again. And he gave me those pills again. Now I know what coincidence is, but another few weeks later I got infested again!

This is ridiculous! And that wasn't all! I got reinfected numerous times! What the hell are these pills for if they don't do their job? One day, I squeezed a pill too hard and it opened. Strangely, the interior was filled with some white foam.

On the day of the 7th operation, I regained consciousness during the operation but luckily I was still numbed.

When I turned towards the doctor I saw, to my horror, that he was eating the freshly removed worms.