's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Out There "

Submitted by Jesus lizard


December 20, 2014


ESA/Hubble Information Centre


What started as a routine procedure has exploded into a bizarre discovery that we are struggling to explain.

Late in November during routine work, a high powered deep space telescope was fitted with a series of experimental lenses designed to trace heat signatures not normally visible even with the help of devices designed to increase the spectrum of energy perception. Results from the experiments appeared as theorized until several anomalous ‘blips’ in the recorded film were noticed.

“We were reviewing the pictures from our first scans when we noticed these colorful little dots on the black background of space.” Said Alva Jackson, head of the research team. “We thought it was just dead pixels in the lenses or some kind of interference, so we did some cleaning, filed the first results away and gave it another shot. We decided to try and scan a bigger area of the sky, maybe see if there was some kind of cosmic rays messing with the hardware just in that area. The second set of photographs was even worse. Thousands and thousands of bright neon motes scattered in the spaces between the stars. We were ready to dismantle the whole thing when someone had the idea to zoom in on the objects. We had no idea what we were about to find. We still don’t, really…”

Pictured; mystery objects sighted in space between the Earth and its moon during a series of astronomy experiments.

“We don’t know what they are, but we’ve looked deeper out there and there are more of them. Millions. Billions. So many we can’t count them, so many the sky lights up with them if we zoom out just right. Just… the blackness of outer space replaced by shimmering, blinding yellow. We don’t know if they’re stationary in position, going away from Earth, or getting closer, but we think we’ll find out in a few months.”

More information will become available as the study continues.