's 2014 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by JON STRONG

There’s something in my house. It talks to me. Sometimes its an animal, other times its a tumorous lump of beast-shaped flesh. It never strays more than two feet from me.

I went to the doctor today. He says he doesn’t see it, and believes I may be suffering from sleep deprivation. I try to tell him the thing is causing my sleeplessness, but he insists it’s the other way around.

Today I learned that if I refuse to see it, it goes away. It takes concentration though, and don’t always have it, which is strange. I’ve always had an active imagination, and with that, rapt concentration, but with this thing and making it go away...its like my concentration is focussed on something else and I can’t divide it.

Whenever my focus falters, as it is more and more often, I’ve noticed the creature has begun to slowly relinquish its animal forms and begin to remain heavily in the tumorous beast form. I describe this online, and a woman comes to meet me. She says that apart from the tumorous bodies, which she had never seen before, its possible this creature is my “Dæmon”, a mental construct of a soul outside of a human body that only said human can see or interact with. She says that sometimes, a person’s daemon may manifest on its own, everyone has one, but more often than not, the person discovers their Dæmon of their own will. She describes the slide into only the tumorous form as a process called settling, where the Dæmon begins to only exist in a form that fits and matches your personality and soul.

I guess that thing being my soul outside of my body makes that hideous body makes sense.

I am a jaded, bitter, emotionally-tumor-riddled asshole.