's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Scalphas "

Submitted by TheGunheart

Two years. Two years since that damn wyrm froze the Earth's heart. Two years since they took her away. But not forever. No, not forever. I met her at the saloon the other day, you know. Her hair was like an obsidian waterfall. It was all they had left of her. Now I've been stuck on this plane ever since. The living doors block my every move, but I know their secret. One of them laughed at me the other day, so I gave him what he had coming. Laughed the whole while he burned to death. Now they want me to find the papers, but they locked the desk. I need them to get out of here, but they're locked in the damn desk. They're mocking me. The key was never here in the first place! I need to open the desk, before it all comes down! Please! Agatha? Show me the key! I don't want to live here anymore, not with them watching. I don't want to live here anymore! I don't want to-