's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Section 4: The Events "

Submitted by HareTrinity

The events take place in this child's bedroom, which is moderately tidy with only a few items on the floor. The furniture consists of a bed (single), a bedside table, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a small chair, and two bookcases. The bookcases are mostly being used to display toys, although a few shelves are dedicated to books. Of note are three books on the bedside table (fig. 7), all of which are children's novels based around the theme of toys coming to life. At this point the dressing gown is on top of the small chair and the toy bear is on the bed.

This child initially seems happy and excited (frequently smiling and giggling). They place a wooden box (fig. 2) on the floor whilst talking to themselves. This child then proceeds to get a pile of folded paper from the wardrobe and picks out two A3 pieces of purple paper from the wardrobe and sets them side by side on the floor by the box. This child flattens the paper out and places the box in the middle before getting a pencil case (fig. 10) out of a drawer and putting on the dressing gown, which is too big for this child. This child uses pens and pencils (primarily of the colours green and blue) to draw shapes on the paper around the box. Several times the sleeves of the dressing gown get in the way of this child's drawing, causing smudges, although this does not seem to concern this child. This child uses some pieces of crayon to fill in some of the drawings and says some phrases, most of which are recognisable as "magic" words from films and books that this child favours.

This child spends some time drawing shapes, most of which are star-shaped (fig. 3), before standing up. This child steps on the paper as they get to their feet and stops to right the paper before heading over to the bed and picking up the toy bear. The toy is in poor condition with some fraying, small stains, and several areas that show signs of repair work. This child hugs the toy and talks to it (referring to it as “Mr Fuzzy”) as they return to the box and paper. The toy bear is placed in the box and the lid put back on. This child then pulls the dressing gown over their head (as if it had a hood), shuts their eyes, and again begins to say "magic" phrases picked up from films and books, as well as making up nonsense-rhymes to go with them (e.g. at approximately 003:21:53, "locust socus" can be heard after "hocus-pocus"). This child starts to speak louder and waves their arms about until abruptly stopping to stare at the box when it starts to emit shuffling noises.

This child kneels down on the paper, quickly opens the box, and then carefully removes the toy, calling it by its name (“Mr Fuzzy”). The toy bear squirms violently, causing this child to drop it onto the paper. This child seems confused and then shocked when three small stains on the toy bear's leg make a “blinking” motion (further analysis on p. 9). After 2 seconds, the toy's leg seams break apart (starting from the tips), creating two orifices that move like mouths and emit a hissing noise (this does not seem to disturb the cotton wool that can be seen within, further analysis on p. 11). This child appears scared by these events (wide eyes, tense posture) and, when the toy moves sideways off the paper (the strands of “fur” acting as legs), this child gets hurriedly to their feet and starts to rush towards the door. The toy is now moving in smooth motions, and quickly arches its body to lift its bear head off the ground. The safety craft eyes come out on what appears to be thread but may be altered cotton wool (further analysis on p. 9) and the toy swings its bear head around before throwing the eyes at this child's right foot (much like bolas, although the thread's end stays attached to the bear head). The toy successfully catches this child's long toe, entwines its “fur” fibres with those of the carpet, and pulls the thread taut. This results in this child giving out a scream (analysis of the skeleton found that the toe had been broken) and falling over.

This child is distressed (crying, screaming for their parents) as the toy approaches. This child tries again to get up, but is still held by the toe and trips on the dressing gown and falls. Still being vocal, this child pulls the dressing gown tightly around themselves, covering their face, as the toy climbs onto their back. The video feed begins to break up as the toy climbs onto this child, eventually cutting out for 53 minutes before coming back to show the burnt silhouette on the carpet with the remains of this child (fig. 15), upon which chemical analysis found fibres and plastic indicating the remains of the toy. The video feed shows no activity after this point and runs smoothly until it is turned off.