's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Silence "

Submitted by Jacobguy

I dread silent nights. Ever since I was 11 years old I've hated the nights that are devoid of sound.
Its these nights where I am forced to sit alone with nothing but my thoughts to console me.
To be there is to hear the voices of my ancestors whisper into my ears, so quiet, yet always there
their voices barely a whisper yet at the same time louder than a speeding train. The feeling of the
sparked fiery passion from deep within the pit of my stomach that is the very fuel of my happiness,
the very fuel of my being, now gone. Nothing but a void, a sink hole that continues to deepen remains.
To stare at the ceiling and to feel my heart as if it were not but a broken mirror reflecting only my
greatest downfalls, my greatest failures, and my greatest embarrassments from every angle. In the dark my
tears are invisible, and to the outside world they do not exist. A dream without sleep crosses my mind,
as it does so often. I take a blindfold and walk out into the world, not knowing where to go, but knowing
that when I get there, my time is up. I don the blindfold, and I go forward. Fear wells within me, but for a moment
so does relief. The dream ends, and I am again in my bed. The voices of those before me continue on and I listen
For when I awaken my true fear begins anew.