's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" They return "

Submitted by Jacobguy

It was a cold, quiet night. I live alone, far away from civilization. no electricity, no TV or computers or anything like that

the fact that you're hearing my story now is a miracle. I didn't have a fridge, so food goes fast and can't stay long.
I had run out of food and had to go hunting late at night, not much happened, just tracked a few rabbits, tried to find some deer

suspicious things happen out in the cold, I can tell you that much, and I might be superstitious, or it could be what my grandparents taught me on the reservation, but I try to please the spirits wherever I go. Now in all honesty, I didn't believe in spirits, but I was respectful out of both politeness and habit. I gave a little prayer for safe passage and I continued through the worsening storm.

I continued for hours through the trees. the world was a horizon of white with a thicket of trees, and among them I thought I saw a deer

It ran ahead and I gave chase. The snow got more intense, but I couldn't go without eating again so I went on. The ground rumbled.

I stopped, and so did it. It seemed as though there was an earthquake coming. The deer I was chasing turned to me and stood up

It was no deer, it took a step closer and I saw it was like the head of a deer on the body of a corpse. a wendigo.
I stood in fear, it took another step closer. The ground rumbled again, and despite all I knew about wendigos, it turned heel and ran

something is wrong here. I looked around to see animals running in the same direction. but there were other things too
things that didn't look like animals. they were strange amalgamations of animals and things too abstract to be called things at all

shadows that ran from tree to tree, and even bits and pieces of things I don't even want to think about. A nearby tree rang out.

A few human arms melded from the bark and formed a face with the hands. Needless to say, my pants were no longer fresh.

The hands moved like a mouth and three voices spoke out.

"Run fool!"

I took its advice as the ground rang out and unearthly tone

I ran for what felt like hours through trees and snow when I came across a field. I took a look back at the mountain home I knew only to see it crumble as a giant stone hand, covered in what looked like the runes of an ancient forgotten race rose up.

I turned and ran again. These things around me, they must be spirits. and whatevers behind me, must be the end.