's 2014 Horror Write-off:

"Tomato Soup"

Submitted by James B. Davis

It seemed like a nice little diner, the only building in the middle of the desert for miles. I was on my way to see family and stopped there for a late dinner. I parked my car in the parking lot, walked into the little place, and sat down with a menu. I was greeted by a woman with a southern accent who asked if I was ready to order, I ordered some tomato soup. “Be here in a minute.” she said and walked away before I could say thank you. She brought me my soup, it smelled delicious! I put my spoon through the top of it, it was very thick! I moved the spoon around a little to see chunks move around in it.

They looked like meat or something. I took a bite, it.. it was so fucking good! I ate it, bite after bite, it was gone in minutes. “I'd like another bowl, please.” I said to the woman behind the counter, “Come'n up!” she said. She brought me my soup, it was chunkier this time. Much more meat. One of them was a weird blueish color, another purple. I didn't care though, it was so good that I kept eating it.

I was on my fifth bowl, when I saw the first one. It was alive, insect-like legs, two eye-stalks, and a mouth full of teeth, I ate it. It was so good! By my seventh, only the insects where in the bowl, and I kept eating them, I could feel them crawling around in my stomach, but I didn't care. Finally, I was met by a large glop of meat, out of it came two large eyes, I then realized it was a brain. The top of it split into a mouth and a mass of tendrils came from the mouth. I smiled as the thing wrapped around my head and became one with me. I was then taken to the back of the building and chopped up into little bits, and I'm still being served to people.