's 2014 Horror Write-off:

"  When They Came "

Submitted by   Mars Letourneau

  Entry 1
Now that I am certain that it's real, I felt like I should document things as they happen, because this is obviously very important. About five weeks ago people started disappearing. It wasn't catastrophic, but it was noticable. Most of the missing people were young and poor, a lot of stores and restaurants had to scramble for new employees to stay open. Then two weeks ago the monsters started showing up. People were confused, thinking it was some kind of memetic prank or viral marketing, but it quickly became clear that wasn't the case. Most of the monsters were roughly humanoid in shape, but very alien. They are bestial and frightening but extremely passive. They don't seem to speak much and keep to themselves, just wandering around eating roadkill and pigeons. There are a lot of negative feelings towards these things but I feel like they might even be a good thing. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Entry 2
More of the monsters are starting to show up, and they're starting to be spotted in small groups. Some of them are buying food. Nobody is certain where they get their money but apparently they have a hard time with it. I imagine it takes a lot of courage to tell a 200 pound creature its short fifty cents. There's a video going around from a traffic cam where one of them is eating a roadkill dog and the owner finds it and tries to shoot it and it roars and explodes into snakes, which scatter in all directions. So there's that. I saw one today standing out in the desert. It had tall horns and was idly kicking up dirt. It was so eerie and amazing, I was afraid to drive up to it and didn't want to disturb it anyway.

Entry 3
It's been half a month now and the monsters are much bolder than they used to be, and it's not that uncommon to run into them while grocery shopping. I saw one today actually. Its weird bug legs touched her as it walked by, apparently the legs just touch things subconsciously, she stiffened up in horror and it looked at her in a sort of apologetic way. I've noticed they wear a lot of dark red drapey clothing. I wonder why. In some places people are hiring them. I guess even eldritch beasts have to pay the pig guts bills. They seem to have an issue with authority figures and mostly refuse to speak to government types. Apparently scientists have been trying to study them more closely but they won't allow it. If you were to try and catch them you would be met with screaming, struggling, and sometimes secretions, and eventually they just vanish into thin air. The same disappearing monsters will show up in the same area later so it's not like they just fuck off into another dimension or something. So weird.

Entry 4
A month and a half now. Today one of the monsters spoke on television. It had a face like a boar with porcupine quills on its neck and shoulders. They asked it why it agreed to the interview and it said “Mother said it would be okay.” they asked it who mother was and it looked confused and said “Our mother. All of us.” The monster was mostly unhelpful and kind of childish, it spoke slowly and strained like it was difficult. I've noticed a lot of them speak this way. They've been building strange structures out in the wilderness that humans can't get into. I haven't heard an explanation on why a human can't get into them. They just can't apparently. The monsters are rarely seen alone these days, they mostly travel in pairs and seem to whisper to each other in the alleys. It's just something you see around now, like the animals of the city. I feel a sort of longing when I see them. A weird stirring in my chest I haven't felt before.

Entry 5
It's only been a couple weeks since my last entry. Today I was out late and I walked through the bushes to get to the sidewalk and there was one standing at a bus stop. I must have surprised it because it whipped around and yowled at me. It was wearing a cloak that concealed its whole body except its face, which looked like a coyote skull. It gave me the best wild stare something with no obvious eyes could, then suddenly relaxed, it seemed almost affectionate. “It's starting for you?” it said softly, I don't know why but I said yes and felt like that was true. I immediately went home. I've been feeling foggy lately. The symptoms I'm having are really alarming but I don't feel like it's a big deal. If I don't get better soon I'll see a doctor or a psychiatrist I guess. This is supposed to be a document about the monsters not me but who care..

entry 6
i cant leavethe house im sick and growing i hateit imgladi knew t o get all that food i fee,l bad. mmy ead split in twoo now i have to faces,, it hurt but imbigger now. Im growing

i looklike two baby cows now !!!!!!! i can moooooooooooo :)))))) ilove my new clothes im getting bigg. i think that means i am a COWBOY NOWQ i cant wait to meat them

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hlelo. i know at some point it was important i finish the story. its hard to write now but i have to do it for my old me. im better now.. its good this happened. now i am whole. if my old family find this, dont be sad for me. im so happy to be joining my new famimly now my heart is full of blood. maybe some of you will join us who knows. i lov e you but it wasn;t true do you understand? im so so happy. i can hear my mother shes so good, she keeps all of us safe and loves us. all the moms knw each other they are friends. you dont know them though their secreats. i love it so much. i have to go. the bleeding is only just beginning there will be more new things. i cannt explian with these words because you cant do it like we do. mom and my new family are waitiing theyre calling me i have to go now tank you. Mooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!