's 2014 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Sorbus

Alexis never had coffee this good in his life. He was upset that his favorite local restaurant was going to be closed, but even he had to admit the coffee shop that replaced it was top notch. Piping hot elixir in hand, he grabbed a seat, pulled out his laptop, and prepared to get to work. But that coffee was so good, he could barely even get any work done. He would never have a second cup of coffee at home, but he needed another, and fast. After his second cup, he abandoned the idea of doing anything useful and instead dashed off a Yelp review full of lavish praise.

His wife called 3 times when he didn't come home that night. He never answered.

3 disappearances should have been enough to get this place shut down, Teodora thought to herself as she entered the establishment. Under normal procedure, she would have ordered food and sent it back to the lab for testing, but the last health inspector wasn't heard from again after getting a cup of coffee here, so she wasn't going to touch any comestibles under any circumstances. After some resistance from the head barista, she made her way to the back of the building. She'd never forget what she saw inside.

An immense, squamous organism was suspended from the ceiling by an enormous sling. Its skin was sickly yellow and rugated, like the inside of a human stomach. It regarded Teodora coldly with a single eye, humanlike except for its oblong pupil and distended iris, which extended from a polypous growth towards what she could only assume was its front. Its underside was covered in gaping pores, each the approximate diameter of a human finger, which oozed a black tarry fluid. A vat lay below, collecting the fluid, and at its rim were the three missing persons, lapping up the ooze with abandon. Former health inspector Zachariah turned his stained, messy face towards her and asked, "Isn't this coffee great?"