"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" 238 "

Submitted by Acyde

There's only one way to say it : my patient is crazy mad.

And I'm not kidding. I've studied and majored in psychology, I've spent twenty-three years and height months working here, I've seen dozens, hundreds of mental pathologies, each and every one of them with its own story, its own logic, its own way of being appeased or triggered.

Yet this one person is impossible to figure out.

I'm on the verge of giving up, but I try my best not to ; I have to help them too, it's my job, my passion. I cured everyone else, what makes them different ?

They first arrived from another Psychologic Care Center, exactly seven months and twenty-five days ago, along with a couple other patients, who both had bipolar disorder.

The interesting one, though, had especially nothing special about them.

Of course, a mental disorder is rarely visible at first glance, but with experience you're always able to tell the little twitches from the stress -trigger and consequence of a lot of outbursts- or the lack of general attention -precursor of a split-personality- or even how their attention is drawn by unconventional little things -like in most schizophrenia cases.

This one had none of that.

They were just standing there, looking in awe at the huge buidling they were going to be taken care of in. Then they just came closer to me and asked me a few practical questions, like what was the daily schedule, what kind of room they were going to have, what type of distractions they had access to. It just looked like nothing was wrong with them and they asked the groom some precisions about the hotel they were sleeping at.

Quite strangely, there wasn't a single document about the disorder they suffered from. Not one medical record, not one diagnosis, nothing. I assume they were merely somehow lost during the transport from their previous Center to this one. Unfortunately, it meant that regardless of what progress they made there, I had to work from scratch.

During the first few months, I tried to figure out what their disorder was. By which I do mean that I litterally spent all this time observing them and noting every single detail that could maybe eventually lead to a conclusion.

That was exhausting, and in the end my notes were still blank.

It's quite simple : nothing was wrong with them. Nothing.

The "Patient from room 238", as some called them, became the main source of moquery among the staff. There was no way anyone could explain how this person could have been diagnosised with any mental disorder.

And I couldn't accept it. They were here, that meant they had to be something special, right ? No one ends up here without a good reason, the kind of reason that can be appeased, studied, cured !

At least, Patient 238 was extremely sympathetic and kind. It was impossible not to like them. I think that's why I want to cure them so much, they're so nice I just want them to go out and live outside this grey building.

Second thought : they have been nice. As soon as the latest Mental Care policy was set up, they became a nightmare to live with.

First, they just didn't show up at the scheduled treatement sessions anymore, which is a shame seeing how the new policy increased the efficiency of said sessions by at least 300%. Instead, patient 238 stayed locked in their room all day long, only sneaking out to grab something to eat.

I occasionnally bumped into them during my night shifts, but they would only run away before I could do anything.

Meanwhile, the other patients were cured so well and so fast that we had empty rooms by dozens in no time. The only downside was obviously that we had to find a way to dispose of the waste, but thankfully the 184 m² worth of garden were enough to hide all of it.

Yet, I couldn't t ake 238 off my mind. They were certainly the most interesting case I ever saw, and curing them would have been an achievement.

The other staff members were giving up on me. Most of them quit their job or ran away. I suppose the new policy were too much for them. Cry-babies. How could anyone not see the potential of it ? After all, we were erasing mental disorders, did the method employed really matter ?

Since I'm now the only remaining Doctor in this whole building, I can apply it anyway. I just wish the waste could smell nicer, since burying the newer one each day forces me to dig the hole completely open.

I should use it as meat instead, we're getting low on the food stocks.

Maybe 238 would like to eat some of it ? They didn't get out of their room for two weeks straight.

At least I'm glad new patients keep coming in. If I use waste as meat, more patients only means more meat.