's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Burstday "

Submitted by ProphetStorm

it was years ago...maybe centuries...when women died.

it is so weird. they all just died. they just walked out into the sun, looked up at it, and died.

i think they planned it.

it's been rough. For hundreds of years, we've been cloning men and women alike, but anything with two x chromosomes is born dead. it's not just humans. plants and animals are dying out too. Now, we have to rely on each other for sustenance. and it's not tasty.

i can hear them gurgling. feel them moving. it's not fun. not fun not fun not fun

our much of it was lost when the war broke out. but we managed to save one last trick. we can have children without women. but it's hard. and it's painful. not fun. not fun not fun

i have eight or ten of them in me right now...but i have no way to give birth to them. even if i did, they'd have nothing to eat, so this way makes the most sense i suppose.

happy burstday, little darlings. i hope my flesh is tasty.