's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Case File 0042 "

Submitted by ProphetStorm

Case File 0042, Dated 01/01/1955

Case Type: Anomaly Investigation

Case Status: Closed, Pending lab report

Case Subject: Anomaly 6.

Anomaly 6 Description:

Anomaly 6, or as it has been come to be called colloquially, "The Cube", appears on the surface to be a metal cube measuring five cubic inches (the metal has found to be an alloy of tungsten and an unknown, heavy metal.) The inner workings of the Cube are unknown; it has proven impossible to disassemble with our current technology. Even [REDACTED] proved incapable of opening it, and our strongest detection devices, on the order of X-rays, above and below, cannot penetrate its outer casing.

However, it can be adjusted--testing reveals its outer body to rotate freely when moderate force is applied. Only certain individuals may rotate the body freely, in the manner of a Rubik's Cube, but in any direction imaginable--along any axis, in any direction. While no definite pattern has been produced by our research teams, the Cube appears to respond to Aryans, Latins, and certain Asians; most individuals to have visited Stonehenge and/or other ley line intersections; and individuals with a high degree of extrasensory perception.

It is the effects of the Cube that most trouble us. With each rotation, the individual holding the Cube will announce--or in some cases, remain silent but later testify--that the act of altering the Cube has altered reality and history around them. This could be dismissed as a psychoactive effect, but if so, others touching the Cube during its alteration would testify to this change as well, and they don't. This leads us to believe than an alteration has occurred, or, more likely, the subject has risen, descended, or migrated to a reality that matches whatever pattern the Cube has been shifted into.

This is the most troubling of its effects, however: Anyone who alters the Cube has one of two reactions. The first group laments that their change has made the world worse (though our remaining in the same universe, or possibly our not being altered by the Cube, means that their changes have always been the case for us--one of our subjects claimed to have inadvertently caused Lincoln's assassination, and another insisted that World War One was 'all his fault.') These subjects insist on being given the Cube again to fix their mistake. This has only been done once, and since then, we have put in place a strict one-time handling policy; since the shifts of the Cube have nothing to do with the apparent solid nature of the metal, it is nearly impossible to find a prior shift and reverse it. The result is that the subject will be driven to insanity with multiple, rapid alterations, finding that each change makes the world worse. Whether or not they are allowed to touch the Cube a second time, these cases become violent, wanting to absolve their sins by fixing the world.

 The second group testifies that they have made the world a better place through their action (Eg, birth of Mother Theresa, early end to WWI, failed assassination of Ronald Reagan) and they feel that further alterations could completely fix the world. These cases become violent, but they also insist that the researchers barring them are 'ants' by comparison, saying that they 'understand' the Cube, that it makes them 'like a god', and some even insist that they have become a god by handling the Cube successfully, no matter how many prior test subjects they've encountered.

While it is impossible to prove the effects of the Cube empirically, the tests we have run prove that it is an extremely dangerous anomaly, and is now kept in a two-foot thick steel vault.

--Note from the Director

"I'm aware of the perfect match in dimensions and material between the Cube and the so-called God Machine. This doesn't mean we can rewrite history. The Cube will be kept in its own vault, the Machine in its own. If we can find some safe way of disposing of the Cube, it would probably be best."

Illuminati Case File 0042