's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Footprints "

Submitted by Phosphenes

One late afternoon, I went walking in the snowy woods.

It was fun, I even saw a fox, but on my way home I found a child's footprints leading alone into the forest.

Out of curiosity but also concern for the child, I followed them.

After awhile the sky turned sunset orange, and the woods I had known all my life became unfamiliar.  The old trees ended and gave way to scrub pines I had never seen before.

Fear for the child was stronger than fear for myself, so I kept on. I could always follow the footsteps home if need be.

Soon I emerged onto a place where the child's steps were joined by those of a toddler, one who had passed through long before even the child.  This was terrifying.

I had a disorienting thought, and spun to immediately go home but tripped on a wire.  It shocked my legs as I fell, and I reached out to break my fall.

I finally realized how wrong I had been about everything as my hand plunged through the top of our county water tower.