's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Fry Cook "

Submitted by Thomas Wisdom


"So I'm at work, right, and this dude walks in- but something's just wrong, you know? Like, just his aura or something. He- he walks up, he looks at the menu, he orders a burger and fries. I get the burger, he looks kinda nervous, ya know? Like he's seen a ghost or something. I ask him if he wants a soda, he just kinda nods. And- and I gave him the soda, and the guy fucking flips out. Like, he backs away a bit, and then he flips the tray in my face! Asshole! So the guy just rams into the door, and when he finally figures out how to open it he just dashes off without paying.

Anyway, that's why I'm quitting my job. A fry cook's wages aren't worth this."


"So I'm on the highway, and I'm getting a little peckish, y'know? There's a sign says, says there's a 'MR FRYWELLS FRY ZONE' on the next exit, exit 41. Never heard of the goddamn place, but I take the turn, and the road's a little bumpy but it's fine, it's fine, okay. The place- it's super clean, all right? Like- like imagine the cleanest building you've ever been in. This place was cleaner. It was- okay, it was too clean, alright? The place didn't even feel like a restaurant, much less a fast food place- which is what it was, I mean- and so, I walk in, I look at the menu, I order a burger and fries, and for the first time I look at the chick- woman, sorry, sorry- the woman behind the counter, and she just looks... wrong, you know? Like, her skin just looks crispy or something, I don't know. She grabs a paper cup, puts it on a tray, and she just... shoves a whole burger in it. And I'm wondering where my fries are, and she's still got her hand in the cup, and it just. It just comes off. Her hand, I mean. ...What? Oh. No, it wasn't a prosthetic, it was just. Her hand. And she wasn't bleeding or anything, her arm just looked hollow. But it was filled with something. I don't know, it was just like, I don't know... Mashed potatoes? And the chi- the girl asks if I want any soda, and I just kinda nod. And she just leans over and... I don't know, is vomit really the right word? She- she dispensed something like... it looked like blood. And it fizzed. At this point, I just kind of flipped out. I stepped back and then I sort of kicked the tray into her- into its face, and I couldn't even work the door for a second. Anyway, I looked it up later, and there is no 'MR FRYWELLS'. No exit 41 there, either. And the other day, I got a paper cut. And the blood...

Oh god, it fizzed."