"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Its me "

Submitted by Jac R.B. (JacobGuy)


What is a person to do in such trying times but laugh!

Laugh at how the world could have been so carless with its decisions.

How it binds the common man in place with its infinite lack of purpose!

Though the very search for purpose gives the whole diatribe its own meaning it thusly denies itself any importance!


As to such a young child as myself, death was a great shock!

Never before had I seen lifeless eyes, or felt the icy, clay like touch of a corpse.

They simply lay there.



What was a young child go do?

No one would come.

No one ever did.

But again, who's worries were those but my own?

If none were to give nary a care for a young one such as myself, why should I burden those who clearly wish to not be bothered.

And so, I stayed in there.

In that dark, quiet room.

Stuck there with a dead man.


But what was I to do when a man as such were to begin to move thusly!?

He pulled himself to a seat and examined himself, whereby he began to speak.

"My goodness they did a sloppy job", referring to the clear mortician's cut along his torso.

" I thought you were supposed to be comfy when dead."

He looked around briefly before setting his glazed eye upon my person.

"Why hello there my boy! Would you mind giving me a hand, I'm in rather need of assistance."

I was frozen in fear! 

A speaking corpse!?

How could he?

He was flayed open upon the autopsy table, his organs in jars all along the room.

"My my you just going to stand there child or will you give an old man such as myself some assistance?"

Not knowing what to do, I discreetly obeyed.

Some prospect of death gives knowledge of mummification, as the old corpse walked me through the process.

Much of the embalming had been done previously by morticians so it was simple.

As I was finishing wrapping the newfound mummy with many makeshift bandages made from shreds of cloth of clothes found from various inactive corpses and covers he spoke again in a dry voice.

"Ahhh, much better. Less decay. Hehe, say my boy, you wouldn't mind keeping this under wraps would you?"

I finished wrapping his face by the time he finished his sentence.

All I could do was laugh.

I laughed and laughed as the corpse once again when still.

I laughed even as the morticians returned and scoleded me.

They threw me out.

I still laugh and giggle at that terrible pun.

I dig up graves now, mummifying them.

The authorities are baffled, not knowing if mummification of already buried corpses counts as desecrating of graves or not.

Each time they ask, "my my child, what has you in such fits?"

And every time I simply say,

"Its me"