's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Juvenile Stage "

Submitted by ProphetStorm

The driver was tired. So tired. But he couldn't get back in the car and rest his feet. His feet were stuck to the ground.

The cars whizzed by. He'd lost count. He'd only gotten one so far. He needed three more at least--four would be preferable.

A car slowed to a stop behind him. A young woman got out. A pretty one, black, with three eyebrow rings and a loud Hawaiian shirt. "Hi there! Nice and cool this time of year, isn't it?"

He wished he could reply. He licked his lips.

"Need some help?"

  Aha. "Yeah, uh, my car broke down. Could you look at the motor?" He groaned, his voice dry. The inside of his mouth tasted like gravel. Yuck.

"Well, I'm not much one for motors, but I'll give it a look." She walked around and opened the hood. He couldn't turn around to watch, but he could hear her shriek as she fell in and the hood clanged shut.

Two or three to go.