"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Otherkin 1: Acceptance "

Submitted by ProphetStorm

 You're an ignorant blasted idiot. I don't understand your sort. I express a taste, an opinion, something as harmless as saying I prefer one movie over another, and pretty much everyone around me calls me bigoted, or racist, or even xenophobic. I am who and what I am, and who and what I am doesn't handle that much difference well, okay?

And stop standing up for them. You keep telling me that they do what they do for a number of reasons--their centuries-old traditions, their racial memory, yada yada. They're everywhere--Us regular, plain, red-blooded Americans are becoming the minority, not them.

 It's not the color of their skin that bothers me. It's not the way they talk. It's not even their congregation habits, although it does bother me how they watch us when in larger numbers. What they eat is one part. Something so gross and obviously wrong shouldn't be tolerated, but it's being defended. Another part is their treatment of us--they act like they own us, and that's frighteningly close to the truth.

 I walked in on my boss during lunch break. He looked up from his cadaver without blinking an eye and retracted his jaw. He picked some sort of grisly fiber out of his gums, wiped some blood from his chin (as if I could tell with that coloration) and asked me, "I implore thee, close the door. My feeding is a personal thing, and I'd rather no one saw me. There's a good human."