's 2015 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Emma G. (


CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: No containment procedures beyond those of an average human are required. Subject is forbidden from leaving residential grounds except on IAAP-sanctified outings, and may socialize with other low-risk residents and IAAP staff.. Additionally, subject is permitted access to online shopping websites and may order Facility-approved items with allowance.

DESCRIPTION: Female human skeleton, identifies self as “Paula [REDACTED]” 5’9” height. Completely fleshless, with joints connected by unknown means. When subject dons a garment that covers the chest, subject appears to possess size D human breasts. These phantom mammaries cannot be seen, felt, or picked up by any manner of scanning the facility currently possesses, and the fabric can easily be collapsed over them if pressure is applied. No other part of subject’s body possesses these properties.

“Paula” professes an interest in all things “cool” and owns an extensive collection of sunglasses and 1990s memorabilia, as well as Harley Davidson V-Rod motorcycle she is permitted to ride on the Facility track. Subject is often described by staff and residents as jovial, energetic, and “sounding like a female Skeletor.” Subject’s state of undeath does not seem to cause her any mental distress or anxiety, though she claims to possess no knowledge of how or why she exists, claiming she would “leave all that science junk up to the eggheads.”

Subject’s skeletal structure and dental records are identical to that of teenage runaway [REDACTED], who disappeared in 2012. Subject claims to possess a complete memory of her former life and death in relation to her current identity, in which she died of a heart attack, and claims to have no knowledge of the [REDACTED]’s disappearance or how she herself was resurrected. The deceased individual “Paula” claims to be was found to have been cremated in 2012. No connection has yet been found between the two deceased individuals, or their families.