"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Pipe Scum "

Submitted by Jon Strong


Today my shower water was... off. I can't put my finger on it all that well, but I think it was ever so slightly off color, just slightly tinted red-pink. I shrugged off the discomfort and got on with my shower.

I had the hardest time focusing at school. I was just a little giggly all day. I guess I was really tired, I do tend to get giggly when im tired. What really annoys me is that water stained my skin a little. Im pinker than normal and my dick looks like an Alaskan bull worm.


I really didn't want to get stained even more, so I neglected the shower and called a plumber in. She said there was a gelatinous mass in some u-pipe or whatever, bright red. She said I shouldn't eat jello in the shower, and I laughed it off. Apparently she scraped it loose from the pipe and it should disintegrate on its own. I ran the shower for a while, and it seemed okay enough.

I hopped in once the hot water built back up, and for about two minutes it was a relief to have my shower not paint me, up unthe point where red and white gelatinous splats came out of my showerhead. I recoiled in disgust as a slapped the head into an angle where the drops couldn't touch me.

The plumbers won't touch it. They've started ignoring my calls, say they cant do anything about it. That a therapist would do a better job.


Its only the shower at this point. I sponge bathe now, from the kitchen sink. Sometimes I test the shower water,  and the gelatinous drops seem to develop a coherent shape the more I check on them. They vibrate where they stick, and slmost seem to shy away from the drain.

I scraped one out of the shower, and almost vomited as it started vibrating intensely. It was like this little red and white glob was panicking at being separated from the rest of em. Im keeping it in a jar now. I've been giving it drips of sinkwater in hopes to prevent it from drying up.

What I cant flush down the shower drain has started to gather in a corner of the shower, one the showerhead couldn't reach without the water being splashed from the stream onto it. 


The majority of the drop in the jar is white now. All of the red color migrated into the center of it and an arc at the top edge of it. There are small dents in the white jelly near the red center, and it has begun to quiver vigorously any time I walk near it. It only stops when I hydrate it, then resumes quivering.

The red and white goop is still coming out of my shower, and the drops are developing the same as my captive. The mass in the corner looks like a macro illustration of cells in a textbook, and smells like sawdust and something sweet that I can't put my finger on.

The combination of smells is familiar, something distant from my past, that makes my heart want to race. A phobic reaction, not nostalgic.

Wait, now all of it is developing a tinge of blue, even the one in the jar. Its mixed in all through the white, but im sure it'll find a place like the red did.


The droplets have grown leg and armlike growths,  and as I suspected, the blue found a place. Little blue semicircles underneath the red dots in the center. The pits have darkened, filled with stuff like the brown-red gunk you can squeeze from your pores sometimes. I'm sure it'll become black. I dont know why, but I'm sure of it. 

The ovoid shapes have pinched, making a small "head" and larger, ovoid body with the bizarre little growths. The "bodies" have a blue stripe down the center, each small form interlocking as perfectly as they are identical. They are no longer gelatinous, they're solid. I'm as interested as I am repulsed by it.

I realize what they are now. I recognize that smell now. Sawdust and cotton candy. The circus.



I tried killing them before they developed further. Drain cleaner, bleach, pesticides, cat litter, cat urine.... they just don't DIE. What I could kill regenerated quickly enough. Even worse, they look like they're started to separate.

They are separating. The first wave have peeled themselves off the wall, and I luckily slammed the shower door shut before they could escape. Three inches tall, they are tiny clowns, red hair, blue smile, red honk nose, garish suits.... like tiny Pennywises, but not as visually frightening.

Almost all of them are off of the wall now...there has to be at least ninety of them. They're banging tiny fists on the door, giggling. Sometimes they bash their faces into it, and their noses honk. I want to vomit, but I cant let pressure off this door, not while I can see them getting bigger.

They're all at least a foot tall now. Their fists knock hard enough against the shower door that I can feel it in my back. I'm exhausted, and I cant fight off sleep anymore, and so I slump back against the shower door and pray that I dont slide away from the door.


Fuck. They're loose. They don't leave the house, but god I wish they would. They're two feet now. I dont like them.

Their "hyuks" and honks and chuckles are grinding my nerves, and I can't stand this constant fear anymore. Im too tired to herd them into the shower or a closet, so at this point all I can do is avoid them and pray they decide to leave.

Especially since they don't seem like they'll ever stop growing.