's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Silent Hollow "

Submitted by ProphetStorm

You will not find spirits of the vengeful dead in Silent Hollow. There is nothing walking the streets covered in a blood-spattered shroud. No headless horseman lurks in the woods, waiting to claim your soul. No wicked elves spin spells under its quiet streets. No grisly murders happened there, especially none for which the culprit is known to be at large or presumed dead. No ancient mysteries wait to be unraveled. There is no fog that lies on Silent Hollow, bringing death and despair with it. There is no rain that falls on Silent Hollow, coaxing the shadows from the forest to feed upon the innocent. The living dead stay away from Silent Hollow. The mailman is perfectly normal. He doesn't have a limp, or a cast eye, or a strange way of talking. The greengrocer is forgettable, and his way of joking slightly as he hands you your groceries fails to be eerie. The banker, as bankers go, is about average--pudgy around the middle, balding on top and ruddy, not gaunt, skeletal and avaricious. He will not buy your soul for any amount of money, no matter how you try and sell him on the idea. There are no unexplained sounds in Silent Hollow. No hanged figures in the backgrounds of photographs, or strange shapes seen in the early morning when the fog is rising. There are no rumors of a witch's coven in the basement of the church, and the Pastor preaches from the Bible in ways that inform and instruct, rather than ranting on hellfire and damnation. I say again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Silent Hollow. No ghosts, ghouls, demons or witches. There is no vampire in the clock tower, no zombie haunting the graveyard, and as much as you might like to find one, no black cats can be found arching their backs against the moon at night.

Silent Hollow is perfectly normal, and that is precisely what should bother you.