's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Something in my throat "

Submitted by carpcave

There is something stuck in my throat. I hate this feeling. When i got sick as a kid, the phlegm drove me crazy, I cleared my throat till I could taste blood in my mouth. However, today is different. When I woke up, it was just a gentle scratching, but it got worse during the day. In the subway I felt like throwing up, in the office I crouched over the paper bin, heaving and sweating.

Now I am standing in front of my mirror, staring at the thing in my hand. The thing I coughed up a few moments ago. It’s a feather. Fluffy and small. Is this something a human should cough up? My throat still feels like there’s more in there, so I turn on the tab with shaking hands. As I drink the water, I don’t feel it flowing down my esophagus or reaching my stomach. The cold feeling of the water just sort of disappears behind my gorge. I open my mouth, leaning forward, bringing my face as close to the mirror as I can. There really IS something at the back of my throat. With two fingers in a pincer grib, I carefully reach down to grab the small, yellowish object. It feels hard and moist, slipping between my fingers. As I try harder to grab it, a sharp pain erupts from my throat. It feels like drinking too much air, but backwards and much worse. I cough and gag as something bursts from my throat, something much too big to even fit in there. The fleshy lump gets stuck halfway out of my mouth. Gasping for air, I grab the lump with both hands, pulling it out as hard as I can. It lands on the bathroom tiles with a wet thud. Waves of pain are hammering through my throat and jaws, my mouth tastes like blood. As I take a closer look at the thing on the floor, I feel like throwing up again.

Its beak glistening in the cold neon light, red and veiny sacks of flesh in the face. Mostly naked, a few fluffy feathers cling to soggy skin. 

The turkey starts waddling towards me.