's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Soul "

Submitted by AJTheMighty

(NOTE: This was taken from the details of a dream the author had on the 13th of November, there may be some changes throughout)

I woke up, cold and shivering, in an old, weathered-down room that had no windows, no door, and no other inhabitants other than me. The only noise I heard was creepy, quiet wind that seemed to not change volume no matter how far I went from the invisible source, if I could even call it a "source." There was no ceiling, in its place was a black void that went on for thousands of miles. The walls and floor were about 200 feet across, and were covered in mold, and the corners looked and smelled as if very old carrion mixed with dried piss was used to hold them together.

There was a skeleton in one corner that strangely, had no hands or feet. Out of curiosity, I touched it gently. THEN IT FELL APART RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME INTO A GOOEY MESS! The skull survived, and an eyeball inside its left socket turned around and looked at me quickly, and it chattered its jaws rapidly. I screamed in fright and ran off into the opposite corner, looking away from that skeleton.

Then from out of nowhere, I thought I heard a voice say my name.


"W-who's there?" I called.


No answer. I trembled like a terrified toddler as I expected the worst, but nothing came. And a deep, rumbling noise mixed with scraping metal grew louder and louder and louder and louder, until it reached a volume unbearable to the human ear. Just as I thought it would burst my eardrums into a bloody mess, it stopped.

After an agonizingly long amount of I released a sigh of relief now that that horrible sound was gone. I realized too late, that that was a big mistake.


Slowly and bizarrely, one corner of the room ripped open like paper, and the wall tore away and drifted off into the dark void outside. A slow grumbling sound filled the room, and in came an.....abomination. What I can recall from it is that it had a seal-like body, and septic boils covered its ghostly white skin.

The entity's hideously bloated, saggy body was incredibly greasy, and was encrusted with thick veins and unsightly hair follicles, which in turn were filled with dirt. Its short tail ended in human feet in the arrangement that eerily looked like the end of a fish's tail, and these feet had long, red sharp nails. It looked like it was stitched or stapled together in some places. There was a giant, bloody cut in its skeletally thin chest so wide that you could see its ribcage, heart, stomach and lungs. It had arms like plucked chicken wings that were tipped by something like an oversized cactus spine, and its amorphous head was suspended on a thin stalk extruding from a puckered, red pore where its neck would be. Its head was grotesque enough; the skin was transparent enough that you could see its brain, spinal cord and optic nerves, it was covered in tentacle-like growths. Its face was covered in deep, clustered holes, and the wide mouth was 90 degrees, and was full of thin, razor-sharp serrated teeth that were about a few feet long, and its immense maw drooled green, glowing spit.

The monster's true gigantic, soulless eyes, were the most chilling feature of the monster. They were pitch-black and didn't seem to have any shape or form or dimension whatsoever, and I could have sworn I saw a cloud of blue mist float around in the thing's left eye. As it lurched closer, dragging itself along on its chicken-arms, towering about fifty feet over my puny size, a deep sloshing noise coming from inside its churning, wobbling gut, it drooled intently, its black voids of eyeballs, and those holes gazing into my sanity.

A deep sense of fear flooded my thoughts of an urge to get the fuck out of this hellhole. But I could not. I was trapped. Alone with an abomination from the depths of hell about to eat me or torture me, or fuck me in the asshole. But little did I know what it was going to do to me was going to be even worse.

The beast whispered to me one, single word in an echoing, electronic-sounding voice that I shall never forget for as long as I live.

"...SOUL..." was what it said, and great flecks of spit dripped out from its jaws.

I screamed as the thing penetrated my body with its giant teeth and I felt a most agonizing pain spread all over my whole body, then it went cold and numb as my consciousness drifted away to another world - or rather its cavernous stomach. I woke up the following morning, a Saturday. It was 10:11.

To my horror, there was a small circular scar underneath my navel where the thing bit me.