"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" The Hooligans: Grimm Katt "

Submitted by Jac R.B. (JacobGuy)

I moved far out into the country side some time ago. Its really nice. The shining sun, the tall green grass rolling in the wind, the open blue skys and the relaxing sounds of summer thunderstorms to go to sleep to. The only downsides I can think of is that there's no neighbors, and no cable. I mean, sure enough there's the option of satellite, but I don't have the money for that. So, on one particularly boring day, I decided to browse through the static with some old TV antennas I got from a pawn shop the other day. Almost every channel was static. Typical. I couldn't think of many stations that still broadcast over antenna like that. Until, of course, I get to one channel. It was a grainy, black and white old timey type cartoon show. Something like those black and white mickey mouse ones, they even featured an expy Micky! It was completely silent, but the title card said "THE ADVENTURES OF GRIMM KATT" seemed like a pretty good show thus far, with a cutely styled character. He looked like a tailless Micky mouse that had swapped heads with a cat that didn't have a nose or whiskers and a big old smile of straight teeth. Whatever I thought, it was cute and funny enough. I started watching it regularly after that. Always coming on at 10:00 to 07:00 on the dot every day. It became a regular charade of slapstick humor. But, after watching it for a few weeks I noticed it... Changing I guess... The other characters simply became... Less animated. They seemed depressed, unresponsive as GRIMM KATT went on with his routine. But... He seemed... Saddened by their lack of response, despite still smiling. One day they wouldn't respond to him at all, and he just sat there in his grainy monochrome world.  I didn't watch it for a few days after that. It made me feel too depressed. When I finally turned it back on to check, grimm katt's face filled the whole screen, smiling as wide as ever. It freaked me out and I turned the TV off as soon as I could. I don't know what was going on but it was freaky. As a precaution I put the TV outside that night. It was a dry spot after all, and with how far out I live I didn't have to worry about theives and I went to sleep.

I heard a splat at my window.

It woke me up as another soft splat hits my window and whatever hit it wetly flopped down the outside. 

I looked at my clock. 03:27

What could it be?

I looked out my window to the ground below and there he was.

grimm katt 

He looked just as cartoony he did on the TV, which was unsettling, seeing him in real life.

I look to see what hit my window.

It was his hand.

It looked like that sticky rubber they make splat toys out of attached to black silly putty.

I quickly lock my window and back up.

A second splat.

He threw his other hand at the window, and this time it stuck. He heaved himself to my window to look at me. He looked just like the cartoon, little black pie-eyes and all. The wind started blowing hard and I heard a whistling, it took a moment but then I realized, those werent eyes, they were holes 

In my frozen horror I hadn't completely registered that grimm katt was sitting on my window like some sick treefrog. I stared backing up and grimm katt became much more animated from the static stance he had been taking. I heard a terrible screech. 

he was scraping at the window with his huge, Fused teeth. 

I ran to the hallway and locked my bedroom door. 

I heard the glass finally break, and a splat on the floor.

I backed farther into the hall, unsure of what to do. 

Until, grimm katt started pushing his way through the keyhole.

He looked like some sort of bubbly black and white toothpaste being forced through a tiny hole.

I ran to the bathroom before he could get his head through, hoping he couldn't see me. I closed the door as quietly and as quickly as I could and hid in the closet. 

I heard another splat.

Minutes felt like hours before the bathroom door slowly opened.


Grimm katt forced the door open so quickly and quietly I let out a high pitched scream.

Grimm katt's head bobbled up and down silently, as though it were laughing.

After a minute of bobbing at my scream and frozen terror, the demon cartoon pulled the biggest cartoon style bomb you'd ever see out of his tiny trousers and lit the fuse.

He had me cornered in the closet, his head bobbing getting faster and more frantic as the fuse got shorter and shorter. The only thing I could do was close my eyes as the fuse went out...


a new friend.....