"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" The Person, The Thing, and The Flat Place "

Submitted by Brendan Cleary


A person is in a flat place. They are holding the thing that is not a place. They are standing outside of the house place, looking at the sky place.


This is everything that exists currently.


The thing that is not a place that they hold, it probably has something to do with their job. If they have one. A person has jobs and they are a person the person reminds themselves, but they long ago forgotten who told them this and why, or what their job even is. If they do have a job, which they almost certainly do, it is probably very likely that it is maybe somewhat slightly not at all probable that it is important. They have a job.


The person is waiting for someone. Once again, they have forgotten. They always do


The Person talks to remind them what speech sounds like. The person, thinking that they do not have one, makes a name for themself. The person picks and replants all the “Grass” in the flat place. This is what Persons do, and as the last person, they must do all in their power to preserve these traditions. They need to do these things even though they do not know why. They are good at being a Person and doing Person things according to themselves. The Person remembers how-


Here they come.


A “Car” can now exist and uses its allowed existence to move towards the flat place. The “Car” makes the world slow down and the other person (let us call them Landry to avoid confusion, mind you, this is not their real name) gets out. Compared to the person, Landry is dressed well. Landry looks at the person expectantly, shifting his weight from one leg to the other. The person forgot that there were other persons, if this was a person. Is this what there supposed to look like? Is this what the Person looked liked? Landry groans like someone who had not used their mouth in a long time. The person tries to remember their purpose. Landry impatiently taps the place where their watch used to be. The person is looking at the thing that is not a place desperately; this is the key to everything! . They need to have answers! They need to know their job! They need to prove that they are Person! They need to know because I Need them too. Stare at it until you understand! Put your mouth on it! try it for yourself. Just do something! Every person knows what this thing is except for you! Why? Why why why why why why whywhywhywhywhywhwywhywhwyhwywhwwhywhwyhwyhwyhhwywhwywhwywhhwyhywyhwhwhhhhhwywywywywywhywhywhywhwyyhwyyhwyITS THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!!!!







HARD FOR YOU? Everyone hates you, especially them, especially Landry, especially me. I will give you a mother. Your mother hates you. I will give you a father. Your father hates you. I will give you family, friends, everything you want! They all exist now. They are all clapping in a circle around you open your eyes I am not SURPRISE IT IS HATE CLAPPING THEY HATE YOU AND I HATE YOU AND WE ALL HATE EACH OTHER BUT WE HAVE BONDED OVER OUR HATRED OF YOU AND it may have been centuries but they are all dead now. I am sorry I got angry at you. Again. You can open your eyes now. I know that means nothing to you but for a second pretend as if it does, pretend you have eyes. I do not hate you. Its just……. why? Why the fuck did it have to be you? I was the one who wanted it! I knew the risks, but you…


Its not your fault. You didn’t want this. I should expect this by now; I shouldn’t be so surprised when this happens. I just thought………  You will remember, I need to remind myself that you will remember, you always do. Then you forget. You always do




It was a hundred years late but I think its happening again


 I am hearing it again; I know you cant but please tell me that you remember An-


He remembers. He remembers everything.


He uses the gun to shoot the anchor five times. He plants the last bullet in the “ground” as he has done every time. He takes the body and puts it in the “House” with the other identical corpses. The “House” will have to grow soon. He leaves the house; there is a Gun and a nickel waiting for him. Like every single time except for the second time, he takes the gun and eats the nickel. He is going to say it now. I know he will but I hold out hope that he wont, that means he's still in there. That he is still fighting it. Maybe this time he wont-“It’s a messy job but someone’s got to do it” They say words that have lost all meaning to them for the 529,357,059,183,957 times.

They didn’t even try to resist it.


A person is in a flat place.