"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" The hooligans: snitcher "

Submitted by Jac R.B. (JacobGuy)

We had just gotten back from the hospital with our new baby and we had settled in for the night when we heard it from outside, something bumping against the house around the baby's window. Something pretty big from the sound of it.

I thought that something had crashed into the side of the house so I ran outside while my wife checked on the baby. 

Something had definitely smashed into the house but whatever it was, it was gone now. I can still vaguely hear some sort of revving in the distance.

I went back inside and told her about it. She got a bit worried but we decided it was alright and went back to bed.

The next night it happened again. This time I heard the revving while I was still inside, and I ran with my wife to check on the baby. When we got in the door something darted right out of view from the window before we could see what it was. Needless to say, we didn't keep the baby in that room anymore, we moved the crib from their room to ours, hoping whatever was trying to get in wouldn't be able to. It was pretty quiet for the next few nights before whatever it was came again. We heard something shuffling around at first. Like, as though someone slid something over the wall in the other room. We didn't think much of it until I looked over to the crib. 

There was something hunched over the edge, looking like it had a huge bag. 

It looked at me, and I looked at it and we were both frozen for a moment.

It suddenly shot up and somehow flying around the room, revving like a huge RC helicopter before it shot out of our room and went for the baby's room.

I thought it had taken my child so I ran after it.

The window was open, and it sat there in the window seal. I could see its long thin arms keeping the window open as it crawled out, its black and white stripes and propeller illuminated by the moonlight.

I apparently startled it enough for it to fly off. I was screaming and on the brink of tears before my wife ran down the hall towards me, holding the baby.

I was so relieved.

I told her what I saw but she didn't quite believe me. Not until it slammed back into the closed window like a fly again.

We stayed in the room with locked doors until the morning when it went away.

We moved not long after that, and at least for the Longest time my kid has been doing really well. Its been a few years since then and being a mom is pretty great I've gotta say, its a little bit tougher than we expected but we both love our daughter very much. Not to mention how well she's been doing in school lately. Though, something has been worrying me.

My daughter has been talking about what she calls the snitcher. 

Seemed like just an imaginary friend like its normal for kids to have. That is until she showed me her drawings.

There it was. 

The little flying burglar creature.

There was the snitcher, and it had never left us.

I just want my baby to be safe. 

What does it want with my baby