"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" The hooligans: wither mime "

Submitted by Jac R.B. (JacobGuy)

I generally like clowns, mimes too but given the situation I'm in, I don't think I like them all that much anymore.

It started out as a simple street fair, you know, with all the bands and shops and entertainers everywhere. 

A few of these clowns set up their own circus tent shaped booth, where they painted faces, and sold gag toys and ballon animals. 

And directly across from them were a group of mimes all doing a big act together.

Now, occasionally, one of the clowns might pop a balloon behind one of the mime's heads or a mime might manage to wrap up a clown in one of their "balloon anacondas" leading to a huge play fight.

This was great whenever it happened, and everyone at the fair would gather to watch clowns fill mimes faces with pie and mimes make clowns think they're in invisible boxes, but there was one thing that stood out to me.

There was one mime who stood far off from everyone. It had its back to the crowd, so noone could see their face.

I didn't think anything of it and let it be until it got dark and all the booths were closing up, and the mimes started leaving. I noticed that one mime go down a nearby alley rather than with the others, so I went to go tell then their friends were leaving.

"Hey stop! Your friends are going the other way!"

It stopped dead in its tracks and didn't move.

I got a little closer. 

"Uh.. Hello?"


I put my hand on its shoulder and it started jerking around violently.

I backed up and it became still again.

We both Sat there for a few minutes before it shot around.

I couldn't move.

It looked just like a normal person dressed up like a mime, except, it had nothing for a face except so many flabby skin folds on its head where a face <i>should</i> be.

It stepped and shambled closer to me, and I still couldn't move.

It stopped and put its hands up in the air as if to do the invisible box bit, and I found I could move again. I tried to run, but I hit something.

There wasn't anything there but I could feel something in my way. 

I realized the mime wasn't pretending to be trapped in an invisible box, it was <i>actually</I> doing the trapping with an <I>ACTUAL</I> invisible box. 

I felt so tired.

I could see my hands drying out.

My skin turning black and blue as I grew weaker and weaker, trapped in this impossible box with this mime-shaped monster.

It pressed its "face" against the box and the world faded away around me.