"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

"Transcript for 01:22, 07/02/20██"

Submitted by Huw Saunders

The following log has been compiled based on footage and audio recordings from multiple CCTV cameras monitoring ████████ Street, ████ Street, and ███████ Road. The aggressors were subsequently taken into custody and were identified as G█████ W███████ (22), A████ L████ (20), and D█████ H█████ (23) (further VG-0014-01 through -03). The victim was identified as K████ P████ (38) (further VIC-0027).


(Begin log)


(VG-0014 leave ████████████ public house as a group and travel south along ████████ Street)


VG-0014-02: (indecipherable) zombies, right?


VG-0014-03: Who you reckon done it?


VG-0014-02: What?


VG-0014-03: (indecipherable) terrorists or whatever.


VG-0014-02: Zombies is like science isn’t it? Muslims don’t believe in science.


VG-0014-03: Sure they’ve done anthrax and stuff.


VG-0014-02: Yeah, but zombies would be like Resident Evil. All labs and test-tubes.


VG-0014-03: Who you think then?


VG-0014-02: I don’t know, do I? Not a bloody doctor.


(VG-0014 pause at ████████ takeawayto purchase chips)


VG-0014-02: (indecipherable) how it always starts, isn’t it. You hear about some people dying in a funny way and the next thing you know there’s soldiers on the street telling you everything’s under control.


VG-0014-03: That’s films, though, that’s not how it’d really happen.


VG-0014-02: It is really happening.


VG-0014-03: We don’t know that, all we know is there’s zombies.


(VG-0014turn onto ████ Street)


VG-0014-02: If there’s zombies, you really trust this government to deal with them? (indecipherable) gone mad.


VG-0014-01: I’d rather it was them than us.


VG-0014-02: Ha, true.


VG-0014-03: What if it’s them that’s done it, like?


VG-0014-02: Well, why would they?


VG-0014-03: For fun, I don’t know. Why do they do anything they do? Here, hold my chips a moment.


(VG-0014-03pauses to urinate in a doorway)


VG-0014-02: Fuck sake, at least go in a bin.


VG-0014-03: Don’t want to make a bin man get pissy hands.


VG-0014-02: They’re probably sort of at risk now.


VG-0014-03: How do you reckon?


(VG-0014 continue walking)


VG-0014-02: Like if someone gets attacked, gets bitten of a night. They pass out, and they turn. Poor bin man disturbs them in the morning and gets bitten himself.


(VIC-0027 comes into view further along ████ Street at this point, and leans briefly on a lamppost)


VG-0014-03: Ah, I don’t want to think it. It could happen, couldn’t it?


(VIC-0027 begins walking unsteadily in the direction of VG-0014)


VG-0014-02: Oh God, there’s no doubt about it.


(VG-0014-01 points out VIC-0027)


VG-0014-01: He’s walking a bit funny.


VG-0014-03: You shit yourself? He’s just pissed. (louder) Having a good one, are you?


VIC-0027: (indecipherable)


(VIC-0027 turns in the direction of ███████ Road. VG-0014 look amongst themselves and break into a run to pursue)


VG-0014-02: Hey! Hey, mate! Stop!


VG-0014-03: What’s your name, mate? (indecipherable)


VG-0014-01: Come here! (indecipherable)


(Both VIC-0027 and VG-0014 come to a stop on ███████ Road. VIC-0027 turns to face them, staggering)


VIC-0027: (indecipherable)


VG-0014-02: Ah, Christ! Look at his eyes!


(VG-0014 descend on and strike VIC-0027, who strikes out at them. Subjects are, at this point, too far from the camera to fully discern the sequence of events)


VG-0014-03: (indecipherable) get him down! Get his head! You have to get the head!


VG-0014-02: (indecipherable)


VG-0014-03: (indecipherable)


VIC-0027: (indecipherable)


(For the sake of full disclosure, the three utterances above are attributed to their speakers based on the best guess of ██████████████████████ There remains a possibility they are wrongly attributed, or even unrelated ambient sounds)


VG-0014-02: Fucking little (indecipherable)


VG-0014-01: Argh – ah, Jesus –


(VG-0014 back away from VIC-0027, who has fallen and is presumed dead at this point)


VG-0014-02: Oh shit. That was close. Who knows (indecipherable) might have done?


VG-0014-03: We saved our own lives, for a start.


VG-0014-01: I think he fucking bit me.


VG-0014-02: Oh God, no.


(VG-0014-01 holds out his arm)


VG-0014-01: Look, there – oh Jesus –


(VG-0014-02 and -03 reel and throw up their hands)


VG-0014-02: Jesus Christ, man, fucking hell –


VG-0014-03: We’ve (indecipherable) if we get you to hospital, tie off your arm?


VG-0014-01: No. You, you have to –


(VG-0014-01 visibly shakes, screams and then strikes himself)


VG-0014-01: Kill me.


VG-0014-02: No, no, come on –


VG-0014-01: Kill me. Please. For God’s sake.


VG-0014-02: We can’t, I can’t do that.


VG-0014-01: You know how it works. I don’t want to be one of them.


VG-0014-03: Oh Jesus, he’s right.


(VG-0014-02 and -03 strike VG-0014-01 in the head repeatedly. VG-0014-03 audibly weeps. VG-0014-01 falls and the remainder of VG-0014 continue to strike him. Eventually they cease)