"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

"Transcript for 14:46, 08/02/20██"

Submitted by Huw Saunders

Time/date: 14:46, 08/02/20██


Foreword: The following log has been compiled based on footage and audio recordings from multiple CCTV cameras monitoring the car park, entrance, accident & emergency ward and conference room of ███████ Hospital, and live-broadcast television cameras also monitoring the conference room. the  The log ends abruptly due to the relevant cameras becoming damaged or otherwise interfered with. Following the events of this log, the crisis in ███████████ rapidly deepened, resulting in ██████████████████████████████████████████ ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████


(Begin log)


(J███ M█████ of the ███████████ andDoctor P█████ L████ (further VIC-0126) arrive at ███████Hospital in a vehicle registered to Sir F██████ D████ of the ████████ VIC-0126 disembarks.)


VIC-0126: Wait here.


J███ M█████: I should really –


VIC-0126: This is actually very serious. Do not get out of the car for any reason.


(VIC-0126pauses by the vehicle, then continues inside. She walks slowly, apparently wounded, attributable to the █████████ on the ARoadthat resulted in ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ At the entrance door, she is stopped by Special Constables B█████ and D████)


Con. B█████: Jesus, doc, what happened to you?


VIC-0126: I slipped.


Con. B█████: Come off it.


VIC-0126: What do you care? I’m the doctor here.


(VIC-0126 winces, and clutches her stomach)


VIC-0126: I need to see Sir F██████. Right now. There’s been a break, a big break.


Con. D████: If you’ve broken something, you should be lying down.


VIC-0126: Well, I know that!


(VIC-0126 physically pushes Constable D████ aside and continues inside. While walking, she makes a phone call)


VIC-0126: It’s me, I’m back. Where’s that (indecipherable)? Okay, alright, I’m on my way now. Listen, I don’t know how this is going to end. Tell as many people as you can about the flies, warn them.


(VIC-0126 ends her call. She pauses to look at a public information poster, and tears it down. She subsequently enters the conference room, which is crowded with journalists and security personnel [further PRL-08-001 to -046]. Based on her reaction, at this point she notices Sir F██████ D████ (further VIC-0127) at the far end of the room)


VIC-0126: F██████! Hey, F██████!


(VIC-0126 forces her way through the crowd, towards the podium. As VIC-0127 prepares to speak, she seizes him by the arm and drags him aside. Much of the following transcription is based on the best guess of ████████████████ ██████)


VIC-0127: (static) meaning of this? Where’s Mr M█████?


VIC-0126: You (indecipherable) it all! Scared everyone to death! It was you!


(VIC-0127 gestures for quiet)


VIC-0127: I don’t know what (indecipherable)


VIC-0126: Don’t seriously expect me to believe that.


VIC-0127: (indecipherable) always under control. You yourself caused half the panic.


VIC-0126: Do not lay this at my door!


VIC-0127: Which of us (indecipherable) on national television?


(VIC-0126 looks at the podium, then moves towards it. VIC-0127 restrains her)


VIC-0127: We needed to take it out for atest run. It was never about the (indecipherable) about people’s reactions, if you see? The panic’s the thing, people come to think ‘oh no, zombies’ and go crazy. So you absolutely have to keep this (indecipherable)


(VIC-0126 strikes VIC-0127, and takes to the podium)


VIC-0126: Ladies and gentlemen of the press! It has come to our attention that the recent infection was in fact caused by a rare genus of parasitic flies, whose larvae attack the brain tissue of their victims – hey!


(VIC-0127 pushes VIC-0126 out of the way, to access the podium himself)


VIC-0127: She’s infected! Doctor L████ has been infected!


(VIC-0126 struggles with VIC-0127 for the microphones; PRL-08 collectively murmur)


VIC-0127: (indecipherable) hands off me –


VIC-0126: Fuck off, F██████!


VIC-0127: You see? Do you see? Utterly irrational! All this nonsense about parasitic flies! Clearly, she has become infected as a result of examining the dead and dying! Take her into custody!


(PRL-08-001 to -008 advance on the podium)


VIC-0126: No, he’s infected, he’s the infected one! Don’t you see it? He’s gone mad with power, and with being infected!


(PRL-08-001 to -008 hesitate)


VIC-0127: Fuck you, Doctor L████! I’m not infected, you’re infected!


VIC-0126: See, he’s completely irrational! Trying to say I’m infected!


PRL-08-005: Yeah! He probably infected himself, as part of some grand plan to get into their mindset!


PRL-08-014: And she said it was a viral infection! She tried to cover it up!


VIC-0126: But –


PRL-08-023: They’re right! Let’s get them!


(PRL-08 storm the stage)


VIC-0127: Now see what you’ve done –


(Feed interrupted)


(End log)


Afterword: The subsequent inquiry revealed that Sir F██████ of the █████ ██████ likely did act beyond his brief in ███████████████████████ ████████████████████████████████████████████████ ███████████████████████ As such, the blue plaque has been removed from Sir F██████’s former residence of █████████████. All remaining samples of █████████████████████████████████ have been put in storage at ██████████████ These logs have been released to select groups of █████████████████ as part of the A████-B███ Program of experiments in psychological and literary warfare.