"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

"Pale Blue"

Submitted by Athena

I saw it first in my window. I know it must've had a shape, but to my eyes it was indescribable; all I remember is pale, pale blue light and a cold shock running down my body. I would dream of it for years, but it was never as real as when I saw it. It was an imitation made by a mind that could not comprehend it. It terrified me, and I simultaneously wanted more. Why?

Years later I forgot about it, though I didn't lose the nagging feeling that there was something out there I couldn't understand; a painful feeling that would give way to sleepless, depressed nights. In winters I'd open windows and lay in bed without blankets, something about the sting of the cold made me able to finally sleep. On one of those nights I saw it again. Pale blue, bright yet somehow not illuminating its surrounding. I felt the familiar cold shock, and welcomed it. I reached for it. My whole body was electrocuted, a cold burn, but I couldn't stop. I could feel the skin tearing away from my body until everything was gone into the pale blue.