"s 2015 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Zach Metz

Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick

               The clock strikes six

               Tick tick tick tick tick tick tock

               And I strike the clock

               That sound is the most maddening in the world, I think. That slow, awful ticking. Each tick, a second. Each second, a moment of your life that is irretrievably gone. And the clock just keeps ticking

                                             tick tock tick tock tocktocktick

               I don’t really know why I’m writing this down. Everything is fuzzy now, anyway. I think my name is… was… William. But it might have been Thomas. Or maybe that was the man I killed? Bleed bleed little Thomas, yes, I said that. I am William then. Just William. William and the darklings if you must.

               But you mustn’t, of course. They don’t like it, you see. That’s why they I we us you and me forever killed Thomas. He didn’t like the darklings at all. Nope nosiree. So I cut off his head and pulled out his eyes and the darklings were pleased so pleased when I fed them to the cat.

                                             tock tock tock tickticktickticktock

               We had come up here together. I think we were friends, but my only friends are the darklings now, and it’s ever so hard to remember what it was like before them. Anyway, we went up as friends to deal with some silly superstitions about a haunted house or something. We spent a whole weekend together, as friends do. Then he stopped being friendly so I killed him and fed his eyes to the cat. Did I say that already? I might have.

               That sound is MADDENING. Truly. Maddening.

                                             Just tickticktockticktock




               It’s all over now, isn’t it? That’s why they’re letting me write this. Why they’re making me write this. They’re going to kill me, and they won’t have to feed my eyes to the cat because the cat is them and they’ll kill me and have my whole body and I…

               I’m scared.

               Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick

               The kitty had a lick

               Tock tick tock tick tock tick tock

               And softly chimes the clock