's 2016 Horror Write-off:

The Abused

Submitted by TheRedRage

Many believe that this creature is only an urban legend but sadly it is all too real. It appears to be one of those random anomalies that fly in the face of probability like the more sinister Slenderman. However, the abused child is a less insidious threat as it is far less subtle than most.

The origins of the monster remain uncertain. Some believe that it is the modern cousin of the extinct Wendigo, an evil spirit that turns its host into a man-eating monster. Others believe that it is a more benevolent being seeking to protect its host. Still others believe it is a science experiment gone wrong or the result of an ancient curse. Without further study, we are likely to remain in ignorance.

The fact is that any victim of domestic abuse, but not every victim, can become an abused child. The abuse typically piles up until the victim gives into stress and anger, transforming into a terrifying creature in matter of minutes.

The child grows exponentially, and then moults into a naked dragon-shaped creature with pale, translucent skin and a cross between a bird and an insect's wings. It has a short neck, and a hairless head, vaguely resembling its former self. The beast's long thin tail ends in a deadly sting.

Immediately after its metamorphosis, the vengeful monster tracks downs its tormentor smashing through every barrier in its path. When it finds them, the abused child stings them in the spine, paralysing them instantly. It then drags them back to its room to devour, digesting them over several hours.

Fortunately for others the beast will turn back into a human if treated well by others, although it is easy to tell who the true monster is in this situation. However, there is a subspecies, known as a troll-hater, which is far more dangerous.

The troll-hater is the victim of either physical or verbal abuse. It resembles a smaller abused child, with black spikes, like shards of broken glass, randomly sticking out of its skin. Unlike the abused child, it hunts in the daylight and is far more malevolent and sadistic.

It will chase its nemesis until it catches them and nothing in this world is capable of stopping or even slowing it down. The abused child will swiftly paralyse its victim but the troll-hater denies them this mercy; instead it claws their skin open and leaves them to bleed to death. Sometimes it does not even eat them, killing solely for pleasure.

Once the troll-hater has started its killing spree it is impossible to stop, quickly moving on to innocent bystanders once its tormentors are dead. Even if it reverts to its previous existence, it will retain psychopathic and suicidal tendencies for the rest of its life. It seems that, while hatred and intolerance exist, these monsters will never die.