's 2016 Horror Write-off:

A normal day.

Submitted by Some Git

The day started as most did. I woke up, practically dragging myself out of bed and into the bathroom. I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth. Next was breakfast, oatmeal and a glass of milk. Then I remembered that normal people wear clothes and left my towel in the laundry room.

Work was up next, and it was as boring as ever. Day in and day out, I sat in the call center. People screamed at me, tried to bribe me, and a rare few had a legitimate reason I shouldn't bother them.

At lunch, I stopped by Starbucks for coffee and a sandwich. It was awful, as usual, but it was close enough to be quick. Salt drowned out the blandness of the sausage.

After work, I started the long drive home and glared at traffic. Eventually, I got home and prepared dinner. I had a plate of spaghetti and garlic bread.

When I was done, I grabbed the dog food and went into the basement. I was immediately greeted by the begging and pleading of my wife. She wanted me to let her go, tried to convince me that she wasn't who I thought she was, the usual. I filled her food bowl and her water bowl before heading back upstairs to have a shower- I wasn't really in the mood to argue, you see. After that, I changed into my bedclothes and went to sleep.

Just a normal day.