's 2016 Horror Write-off:

A portrait in flesh

Submitted by Kira M.

The first time she spoke to me was a night I'll never forget. She spoke of things far beyond my understanding, ranting that frequently devolved into her simply yelling a beautiful series of never ending numbers. I was her chosen disciple, the mouth piece of the Slithering Goddess, her majesty...

By the time I heard her, I'd been involved in environmental activism for close to ten years. And I've never had a real job in my life, I've basically sold drugs and any other illegal shit for as long as I can remember. Her voice was distant in the beginning but soon I had found the best combination of drugs to tune into it. I spent hours in my one room apartment naked and surrounded by candles listening to her sermons. I soon shared my experience with two of my confidants, a man named Lee and a woman named Sam. They became my followers. They listened to my every word while I repeated the lyrics of Her ceaseless song in a trance. 

My majesty was very weak and she soon became insistent that we help her to regain her strength by way of sacrificing the living. We started with crickets we bought from pet shops. During our nightly ceremonies we'd simply eat handfuls of crickets as the three of us had sex. Her voice was soon loud enough for all three of us to hear, and she demanded we move onto large creatures. We ate mice alive. We strangled cats and decapitated dogs that we 'rescued' from shelters or found online. Then one night we invited a homeless man back to our church. The four of us smoked meth together, then under gunpoint we tied our lamb up and slit his throat with a piece of glass. We watched as the limp body slumped to the floor before it suddenly transformed into a beautiful snake that shimmered like a rainbow. Our Queen had been reborn into the physical world. Afterward we all fucked for hours until we were raw and bleeding.

She was ecstatic from our devotion and finally revealed her master plan. Her current body was temporary and she need a huge amount of sacrifices to regain her true form. Once that happened she could reshape the Earth by ridding it of humans, devouring the sin of our species. The three of us would be granted with our own Godlike powers for our services. We pledged our loyalty to her. 

For months we schemed and collected equipment; we purchased firearms and ammunition from gun stores. We bought certain chemicals in bulk from the internet, and I traded two kilos of heroin to my connections in the IRA for explosives. My Queen oversaw everything we did, she now constantly spoke in a hissed stream of consciousness style of poetry. 

"Yes yes we must work together faster and better sooner than never the time will tick tock into our eyes the screaming of a thousand miles of lies millions and millions of lives dying dead gone like a portrait in flesh that trails on a leash with the gnashing of teeth that are rotting from the mouth is the dirtiest thing that could ever exist as a child drags a yellow divine is a monolith to failing decisions that lock up the prison bars are here and there it's never superior to the spider born with the head of boar crying and sobbing I've done it all wrong please help me I can breath of the sin from a time when it writhing lights..."

We decided to complete our mission from God in a small town. "This town holds a festival thousands and thousands of lives gathering here as a burning wind will soon come..." she said. A DOW Chemical factory was located just miles away. On that day we picked up a moving truck and loaded it with chemicals that make plants grow tall, and mixed it with the liquid remains of long dead monsters. We attached explosives to the train tracks beside the factory and parked the truck near the huge containers of ammonia gas DOW uses. The timer is set and we speed to the festival downwind.

We exit the vehicle wearing our gas masks just as the charges topple the train loaded with more chemicals. Then the truck explodes and rips through the factory. The festival goers halt in confusion and silence falls. Within minutes a pale yellow fog begins to envelope the now panicked crowd. We fire our shotguns randomly into the air causing a stampede. People are now choking and screaming and being trampled. Our Queen writhes in pleasure and as the bodies gather she starts screaming. Transformation... her body, a great feathered serpent who sweeps through the air, bellowing. Her mind a virus the infection into me, I can't resist it her soothing song replaces my thoughts...

The bodies their corpses lovely a flower is blooming, she swallows her tail to complete the circle the cycle is starting its own now it's over, cyclical and forever. Her body a blinding light the jaws she swallows the world it's over I'm done I will never be the one she's here I'm gone it tricked me an idiot a puppet her strings, my life my mother my mind the rings I jumped through? The reward I win is to be eaten again and again my skin I vomit she laughs I can't control my mind is broken she wins I loose because it was never a choice it was destined to happen I felt like a king it's over my head she said I bled onto the floor i opened a door without the key or memory? GONE. OVER. START. OVER. START. OVER. 

3.1415926535897932384626 REPEAT. AGAIN. 

The earth is dust it crumbles I fall in love you kill me the time I see her venom my veins her skin my fangs locked in coitus together forever like a statue of sage. Black white on and off up or down right and wrong. Love me. The blackness is home.