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Llayoak-class Cutter-Escort

From Mayaro-dalaktoryzia, the Middle Zhandr-Orion Arm's Galactic subset-subset-encyclopedia (presented in English)

For the Dongkoaq Empire light warship, see Llayoak-class Frigate

This article uses the Jaraki calendar, based off of the earlier Vietnamese 7th Calendar, in turn based off of the Chinese 13th, 11th, and 7th Calendars.

The Llayoak-class Cutter-Escort is a class of medium-endurance light frigates of the GJRIN, designed to replace their aging durasteel-constructed cutters in the role of patrolling, escorting freighters, and pirate interception. In the Jaraki hull classification rationale, this ship type is a M/Cu. This ship type is gradually being phased out and replaced by the larger Naikog-class Escorts. Like many human vessels, it has single-stage-to-orbit capability on most human worlds.

Vessel Type: Medium-endurance Light Frigate (M/Cu)

Operators: Greater Jaraki Republic Interstellar Navy, Greater Jaraki Republic System Guard, Zcholbitaffia Barrat Zdelnav, Third New American Republic of Sirius, 119 Private Civilians

Preceded by: Zomia-class Cutter

Succeeded by: Naikog-class Escort

Built: 5398-5430

In Commission: 5400-Present

Completed: 860 (List (leads to Jaraki subset-subset-subset-subset-encyclopedia))

Retired: 500

Length: 60 metres

Height: 20 metres

Width: 25 metres

Crew: 8

Propulsion: 2x Jaraki Deuterium-type Impulse Drives, 1x Arrum-class Jumpdrive

Range (for 8 crew): 10 Hsius

Armament: 20x Lilu-type Ion Turrets

Design and physical characteristics

In lieu of metal, this class of ship uses the Jaraki-standard bonmi construction- stronger and more heat-resistant than metal, but much worse at conducting heat. Most of these were built in Jaraki-VI-V orbital shipyards by government-sponsored contractors, as is standard for Greater Jaraki Republic vessels. Like most human ships, it uses an array of ion turrets to disable hardened enemy systems, although Jaraki ion turrets are designed to be incapable of disabling androids and other synthetic sapients.

Important Examples (Links to subset-articles)

GJR Llayoak (M/Cu-1119, VLC-8313)*

GJR Naikog (M/Cu-1143, VLC-8400)**

GJR Chanzan (M/Cu-1190, VLC-8489)***

GJR Najoja (M/Cu-1213, VLC-8503)**

GJR Jauid (M/Cu-1335, VLC-8793)*

GJR Tebon (M/Cu-2088, VLC-12319)**** (later USS Manatee [FRVC-235])

* Museum ship.

** Vessel officially destroyed in combat.

*** Vessel officially destroyed by anomaly.

**** Vessel sold to other nation or scrapped.

Quotes from crew/visitors

"We are the bold and rakish crew of the good ship Manatee

They say that she's the strangest ship to sail the starry sea" - a song commonly heard aboard the GJR Tebon/USS Manatee, written by crewmember Jimmy Salmon (link leads to TNRAS subset-subset-subset-subset-encylopedia. WARNING: Subset uses base-8 encoding, rather than this subset's base-10.)

"They led me down to inspect the tiny "digger-ships" held at the rear of the ship- these machines were a strange affair, with a fully-developed living interior full of bubbles. They said they often filled these with something called soup to improve the taste, and laughed when I recoiled." - Galaxy Tourer Mjin Talgon (link leads to Siaro-dalaktoryzia subset-subset-encyclopedia) describing captured Llayoak-class ships held aboard a pirate cruiser. Note that the ships are described as tiny- many species of sophont are either much larger or much smaller than Humans.

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