's 2016 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Acyde

I can't. I just can't.

Each time I try to open my mouth, I feel like I'm gonna drown, like all that density around me will get in my lungs and stuff them full of crap that I won't be able to breathe out, and it's all gonna get in my blood and I'll never get to separate myself from it again - more than now, anyway.

But not breathing is exactly as painful, besides the obvious reasons. This sentiment of pressure, not only metaphorical, but also literal, pushing on my skin like it's trying to - and will - crush me to bits, like I'm some unwanted foreign body this place tries to eliminate, like I don't belong here, like I should never have come, like I should never have stayed. This sentiment, it's gripping my arms, compressing my legs, grabbing at my throat, and it rips my ear drums - yet, I hear no sound. Everything seems silent. Like I'm cut off from the world. Like I'm not connected to what happens.

And even then it all comes from inside me too... This unbearable stuffy yet cold feeling is inside as well, I know it's what I'm made of, what fills me, and I can't escape it, as much as I want to... And it's as if I need it to survive.

And then there's the others... All passing by, never paying attention to me, because anything is more important than me, I don't matter to them, why would I ? I don't help them feed, I don't help them survive, I don't prevent them from getting eaten by greedy superiors... They have better to do than stopping in front of me.

And even then, I can still feel their big, round eyes staring at me every single second of my life, like they're judging me, and certainly not with good results : worthless, worthless, worthless, not worth interacting with, worthless.

I keep suffocating in a suffocating environnement with suffocating surroundings...

I hate the day they let me sink in here...

Plus, I mean, encasing your ennemies' feet in concrete and pushing them in the nearby harbor ? That's an unimaginative punishment if I ever lived one.