's 2016 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Anonymous

Last night I saw a thing clinging to the complex across the street. I could hear the yelling all the way from my room, the angry shouting of the couple as they argued for the millionth time. When I went to close my window, I saw it. A dozen arms, feeling across the bricks, clinging to the minute finger holds a human couldn't. That body, shifting and slithering over the wall, leaving a wet trail in its wake.

It stopped over their window, slithering some strange limb through it as I heard the argument reach fever pitch. They didn't seem to notice it, but then again no one did even as it climbed past their windows. Any arms that weren't clinging to the wall began to shudder, the creature's whole gelatinous body shaking rapidly as it changed color from sickly green to an ugly mottled orange.

So transfixed by the strange sight, it took me some time to realize that by the time it had... finished? and crawled off around the building's corner, the couple had stopped their arguing. I haven't heard anything out of them in almost three days now. I do notice a lot more of those wet trails, though. They're all over. Why didn't I ever see them before?