's 2016 Horror Write-off:

False Prophet

Submitted by James B. Davis

A face... A face looms over the church's many followers in divine glory. It's holy grace protects and comforts the many sad praying survivors. Beneath the shouting priest on a pedestal, the many people shake as the looming sound comes ever closer.

On the priest's face is black gas mask attached to now nearly empty wine bottle. In his left hand is a bible, and in his right, the business end of a Winchester rifle. He screams the terrible words of The Book of Revelations. Words of pestilence, words of death, words of war, words of beasts, and worst of all... words of The False Prophet

"Aye!" screamed the angered woman in the far back of the church "But riddle me this,  Father! How do we not know that it is you? You, the False Prophet, to steer our minds and souls away from words of the almighty Father!" As she yells this, the crowd becomes more and more ravenous.

"Prove to us father!" they screamed! "Prove to us!"

The worried Priest pointed his rifle forward to the crowd.

"How do we not know it is you?  A False Prophet in the terrible guise of a wicked whore, so quick to assume of her Father and Heavenly Guidance!"  screamed the Priest fiercely and with a powerful furry.

"Tear her down where she stands!" he bellowed from his high pedestal "Tear her from limb to limb!"

The many followers began climbing over and through the pews and one another like rats. As they reached the defenceless woman, their hands dug deep into her very flesh, the floor becoming more and more red by the minute. Soon she was nothing but a corpse.

"Listen my children!" yelled the priest "He has come for us!" His hands raised up in a V... his many followers did the same. Their heads looked up toward the sky and embraced the falling rubble of the church that fell upon them.

The holy ground that once stood over them, had become their tomb, enclosed in a cloud of smoke and dust.