's 2016 Horror Write-off:

Hooligan City

Submitted by Jac R. B. (Jacobguy)

I woke up in an empty apartment.

That doesn't seem strange, except it wasn't my apartment

and I was only just asleep at my desk at work.

Not to mention everything is...dark.

Like an eerie sort of dark, as though there's not enough lights in a long, long hallway.

As I got up from the bed, I made my way out the door carefully, just in case I had been kidnapped or something.

I noticed that the apartment was eerily devoid of furniture outside of the bare minimum. Not like minimalist bare minimum, I mean Bare bare minimum.

There's A chair, A bed, A fridge+stove, etc.

I make my way outside and creep my way down the apartment and outside.

Its strangely.....empty out here.

Normally in a large city it'd be hustling and bustling with activity, but here it's just....Silent.

No birds, no cars, no people.


There's some sort of strange mist surrounding everything as well. Just a stark white mist, like in movies.

Its so strange.

I take a step, and it echoes, as if i were in an enormous cave, untouched by human hands for thousands of years.

Suddenly, I get a sickening feeling deep in my stomach. As though a thousand, judging eyes just suddenly focused on me all at once.

Why are all these windows blacked out?

I begin walking, as I find that I don't recognize where I'm at at all.

There's not even street signs.

My steps echo ever louder as I walk. I find the sensation of being watched become more intense as I suddenly become aware of a presence somewhere around me.

Sitting there... watching my every move... following me.

I begin walking harder and faster, gradually at first in order to try and escape whatever is in the mist, just outside of my vision.

Slow walk, i feel it around me.

heart beating.

Faster walk, its coming closer.

heart racing.

Jogging, its keeping up with me.

heart pounding.

Sprinting, its right on me.

My heart skipping beats, trying to keep up.

Eventually I see an opening, and sprint faster than before, and when I reach it, I stop to regain my breath before I take in my new surroundings.

There's a drop off. Straight down. The road follows suit.

I inch over and gaze downward, but all I see is darkened mist, and several humongous, glowing orange lights in the fog below.

As I take a closer look at what I had first assumed to be a cliff face before I found myself mistaken.

The way it sloped inward suggests that this were some sort of island, suddenly uprooted from the earth, and massive lengths of impossible pipes jutted straight downward through the fog below.

I feared that I would fall into the never ending abyss.

But I was quickly brought back my a familiar sickening feeling in my stomach.

I turned around, bracing myself for any myriad of monsters or creatures come to disembowel me.....

Nothing. Nothing but the mist.

As I searched for an answer there was a low, droning call from all around me.

It shook the ground itself, and it seemed like the buildings of the city itself began to move up and down, as though they were in the sockets of a living creature's body.

I looked up at the tallest building, were a blackened halo of mist began to form perfectly around the tallest spire.

I felt uneasy and took a step back.

I almost slip and fall, creating a loud ruckus as I catch myself on the edge, just barely holding on.

Suddenly it felt as though all the buildings had suddenly surged to face my direction, the sound of stone and concrete grinding against each other suddenly as they moved almost filled the void of sound before the emptiness returned.

I could feel a thousand eyes on me as if for a hundred years as I hung off the edge of this island.

I begin panicking only to be cut off by another, even worse feeling of a sickening migraine as the windows in every single building in the city lit up with sort of kaleidoscopic mess of patterns.

I hear the massive screeching of grinding metal as I peer down to the pipes, which had begun to move through the mist like giant legs.

The city was walking.

I don't know why I'm here, I don't know who brought me here.

What would a walking city want with me other than to have a little meat puppet to live in it?

I dont have much time for thoughts as the focus of a thousand eyes and the horrible migraines begin compounding and throbbed as hard as possible in my skull.

Such an intense, searing pain. I - I can't handle it. I can't-


I let go.