's 2016 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Jac R. B. (Jacobguy)

[Subject 33-74 is detained from landing site after approximately 7 earth years of sustained contact invisible to the public eye]

[An individual object shaped like that of an elongated, diamond prism landed in the middle of [REDACTED] Forest at the time of [REDACTED] AM in [REDACTED] after a sustained orbit of 5 months. The object gives off high readings of energy of an unknown variety. Subject 33-74 is being detained for an undisclosed interview]

[Dr. JOHNSON enters the room that 33-74 is hovering in and sits down at the table in front of them]


[speaking into the microphone] This is interview label 33-17B. Alias "Dr. JOHNSON" Beginning the interview.

Hello. I am Dr. Jonhson. Are you capable of speech?

33-74: [silence]

JOHNSON: [begins gesturing with their hands]

are. You. Capable. Of. Communication?

33-74: [sustained silence]

JOHNSON: ........ [JOHNSON at this point begins to slump against their chair discouragedly]

33-74: [unintelligible warbling]

JOHNSON: [Looks up surprised] what?

33-74: [reflections of DR JONHSON appear on the surfaces of the craft, and speaks out in DR JONHSON'S voice, as though piecing together words from things JONHSON has said]

This is Hopeless. Hopeless. Hopeless. Hopeless. Hopeless.

JONHSON: You can communicate! Very good! But what do you mean, "Hopeless"?

33-74: [long and painfully drawn out, with audio distortion]


JONHSON: what's wrong? Why is that hopeless? Surely with your advancement we could be able to at least meet part way?

33-74: Wrong.

JONHSON: what? Why?

33-74: Wrong.wrong.wrong.wrong.wrong.wrong.

JONHSON: please stop shouting!

33-74: [comes to an abrupt stop] we have something to do with it?

33-74: wrong

JONHSON: that what is wrong?

33-74: Sick

JONHSON: what? Who's sick?

33-74: Sick. Wrong Wrong wrong

JONHSON: I can't understand you

33-74: sick. Here. Never. Leave.

JONHSON: never leave? But we must go out beyond our world, surely there's something we can do-

33-74: WRONG

[The volume and force of 33-74's shout has nearly deafened Dr JONHSON and destroyed the interview table]

33-74: escape....

[Subject 33-74 then proceeds to drop from its sustained hover and crash into the floor, embedding itself. All energy readings have ceased, all subsequent tests of the object in question reveals it to be nothing more than ordinary glass, albeit molecularly perfectly in shape]

JONHSON: this is alias dr JONHSON... Terminating interview...

[Note: Dr JONHSON made a full recovery and returned to their family on medical leave.

Global defense units strangthened and medical facilities around the world are fortified.

Reference quote:

" This is the 23 Goddamn interview with something and yet AGAIN its warned us about some kind of sickness, the only difference is this one either self terminated or left. Put it in with the others, they're only chattering now."]